Erin MaherComment

I'm having a "when two worlds collide" moment with this one kids!  Being born in St. Louis MO, and then living there again after being raised on the west coast from 2000 - 2004, Nelly became somewhat of a hometown hero.  Not being into rap music myself - I was working at Streetside Records in the West Grand area where I probably sold one million copies of Nelly CD's - when people still bought CD's.  I even went to a Nelly CD release party at a club over the river into IL and did his merch through the label and record store as a promotion, which was an experience to say the least!  Now living in San Francisco, my hometown hero is Viceroy - but this time its actually my scene!  Viceroy remixing "Ride Wit Me" by Nelly merges my past and present like a fucking brilliant mash-up of life!  He spreads his perfect tropical pop sound all over this classic hip-hop track.  This is Viceroy's 7th installment of his "Jet Life" series - and you can grab this bad boy as a free download!