Erin MaherComment

The boys are back in town!  I have been waiting years for new music from my loves Art Vs Science, and over the past 6 months we are getting little glimmering insights into the brilliant minds of the Dmac, DanW and Jim, and the new music they are creating.  I personally believe Art Vs Science is one of the best things to happen to modern music - 80's synth throwback with a modern dance floor foundation, not excluding shredding guitar solos, hot guys guzzling beer, and over the top theatrics.  True rock stars!  

Live???  Fucking forget about it!!  Brain melting good - one of the best live shows I have ever experienced (Vancouver 2011)!!  Use your fucking flippers to get down - there is nothing like Art Vs Science, and no one can even touch them .... can't even get close!!  They are special!!  "Parlez-Vous Francais" - are you kidding??  One of the best songs ever thought to be created!! "Magic Fountain" - 47 seconds into this masterpiece my life changed forever!!  Let's not exclude the fact that they are 3 of the funniest, nicest most humble guys I have ever had the pleasure knowing.  I need their faces ..... I need them now!!

ARIA award toting Aussies put out a new single and video today, which makes this one of the best days ever!!  "Creature Of The Night" includes everything that is crazy good about Art Vs Science.  Serious dance pop music for the not so serious.  Fire!  Blazing fire!  If you don't know Art Vs Science - listen to the greatness here, and then go check out their older tracks, you owe it to yourself to find something amazing today!!