Erin MaherComment

Yesterday my homie over at The Most Definitely asks me if I have heard this new track by Operators.  He sent the link my way and when I pressed play, sounds of joy and awesomeness came bumping out of my speakers!  Operators is a combination of Dan Boecner (Wolf Parade, Handsome Furs, Divine Fits) with his Divine Fits bandmate Sam Brown (also of New Bomb Turks) and Devojka.  Oh.....helllo, are you kidding??  This is like 00's indie rock mashup super group that only the extra cool kids growing up on the streets of Silver Lake talking about all the amazing music coming out of Canada would know about!  It's like the soundtrack from Indie 103 - back when the best radio station on the planet was still around!  Operators - you had me at hello!  Grab this track as a free download!