Erin MaherComment

We're all children of the 80's - well,at least most of us are - so this next Beautiful Buzzz premier is going to bring you pack to your roots kids!  This is deep synth pop deliciousness!!  MNYNMS (pronounced Many Names) are brand spanking new band from Texas, and they are are bringing the synthy vibes with this remix of "Imperial" by TEEEL.  Comprised of vocalist, Jessica Wahlquist, and producer J.Childs, MNYNMS capture a unique vision of the future!   Dropping the tempo considerably, MNYNMS transport the ecstatic, melancholic dance vibes of the original to a hazy planet filled with strange beings and low-slung arpeggios.  The celestial romanticism of TEEEL's vocals translate seamlessly upon MNYNMS' airy, mystical foundation, complimenting it's enveloping pads and stabbing leads.  This will be the second release from our favorite new indie label Sound Control Records!  Listen and love!