Erin MaherComment

Considering this Los Angeles legend totally blew our hair back with his live set at our SXSW party, I knew this was going to be a brilliant Top 5 Summer Jams!  Big Wild takes us into his unique world with this very chill and very sexy list that I have just kinda swooned over!  I am so impressed by this youngster's level of taste and ability to feel outside the box, you can tell he actually listens to and cares about music, drawing influence from all types of sounds and feels!  Well done!  Listen and love! 

Dead Times - Lightness
I love the unique sound of this track. Calvin’s lyrics and vocal style manage to be both haunting and sexy. The production has a really nice push-pull feel as well.

Thundercat - Them Changes
I’m a huge fan of Thundercat and his bass style and “Them Changes” represents his best work yet. So groovy and moving.

The Durutti Column - Otis
I got this song from Jamie XX’s boiler room set and it generates such an awesome feeling. Played this many times while driving through the desert, so it awakens very vivid imagery of the vast landscape.

Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment - Pass The Vibes
I enjoy playing this song in the morning while eating grapefruit. Puts a smile on my face and gets the day started right haha.

Flume - Some Minds
This song proves that Flume is still a one-of-a-kind producer. The drop is so simple, yet so powerful. Also, Andrew Wyatt’s vocals are great. I love how he made his voice detune in certain parts.