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Premiere time yo! It's no secret that Los Angeles is a burgeoning hotspot for talent in the EDM community. Sometimes it seems like everybody and their brother produces music here. Hell, I didn't even know that I basically live down the street from Diplo until I started watching his Snapchat stories. While it may be a crowded scene in a big city, young Hollywood-based producer PatrickReza has managed to make a name for himself here first by making melodic dubstep a couple years ago, and evolving his sound through trap, house, and ultimately landing on his version of future bass. Two months ago, we heard "Let U Fall" ft. Aubren Elaine, which was full of tasty future feels and soulful vocals. Now we're happy to premiere his second track with the talented singer. "Escape" shows him using layers and layers of synths, some which sound like ocean waves, others reminiscent of electric guitars, and a simple chord progression underneath Elaine's familiar vocal. He has an impeccable grasp on how to create those sounds that really get you vibing along with the track. The hook "We Can Escape" will no doubt get stuck in your head for days.

On the process behind creating “Escape”, PatrickReza said,

“I went on a road trip after graduating from university this past summer and it was on this trip that I had initially came up with chord structure and melody for this tune. Inspired by summer days in L.A. and ocean waves, Aubren and I wrote Escape founded on the principals of taking risks and trying something new with the people you love in order to achieve something more than our normative socially constructed confines. We might make mistakes, but we can escape.”

Scoop a free DL of this track here!