Mike DooseComment

I've been following NoMBe for a while now, but only just met him in person a few weeks ago. He's a wise man. I can also say that anything he's a part of musically is always something special. He used to produce for other artists before deciding to focus on his own music, and I think we're all glad he did. When "California Girls" first came out last year it cemented his status as an artist to watch. The dark picture he paints of a Californian dream gone wrong certainly won me over. 

Now we've got a fresh rework from Sonny Alven. The 22-year-old Norwegian producer has upped the tempo a notch and added a dose of the upbeat, minimalistic, slightly tropical production we've come to expect from Sonny and his Scandinavian contemporaries like Kygo and Seeb. What I like about this rework is depending on your mood when listening, it can either be a happy or sad tune. If you haven't yet, be sure to check out everything else by NoMBe and Sonny Alven!