Mike DooseComment

Up until now, “woo woo” was an interesting phrase in the lexicon of English slang. Merriam-Webster defines “woo-woo” as an adjective meaning dubiously or outlandishly mystical, supernatural, or unscientific. A Woo Woo is also a sweet fruity cocktail. But “WUWU” is an acronym meaning “What’s up with you?”— fitting for the 21st century, and the rapper who is going to usher it into the text messages of today’s youth: Thutmose. We’re big fans of the Nigerian-born Brooklynite and are excited to be in on the ground floor of his rise to success.

“WuWu” is only Thut’s 5th original song on his Soundcloud, but he’s already amassed hundreds of thousands of plays across the various streaming platforms. “WuWu” is one of my favorites of his to date—it’s such a jam. It feels like an island vibe and a trap beat went on a date at a Miami bar and Thut came to serenade them both over Mai Tais. Give it a listen and add it to your party playlists on Spotify now.