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Today I’m stoked to introduce you to a new rising talent who goes by the name of OTR. He’s a Cincinnati-based producer who first came onto the scene earlier this year with an epic chill remix of one of my favorite tracks from last year, “Meet Me” by Mickey Valen featuring Noé, which came from Trap Nation’s Lowly Palace imprint. 

He’s wasted no time, now delivering his debut original single “Already Gone” which is MASSIVE and features the gorgeous vocals of The Voice Australia contestant Kelsie Rimmer. The track starts with a gently building drums, piano and synths and Rimmer’s hauntingly sincere lyrics before exploding with a powerful drop rife with dense chords and a hooky-as-hell synth line. The dynamic interplay between the mellow moments of the song and the high-energy drops makes it really stand out as a strong release that’s sure to put OTR on everyone’s map as a producer to watch.