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Born Mehdi Benjelloun, France's live electronic producer and DJ, better known as Petit Biscuit, continues to disrupt the norms of the EDM world. At only 19 years old, Petit Biscuit is performing at globally recognized music festivals, and collaborating with Grammy Award winning musicians. After the monumental success of his 2016 debut album, "Petit Biscuit," his beautiful buzz landed in the hands of Russian born producer, Zedd. Three months ago, Zedd released his single "Stay." And three days ago, Zedd released PB's flip of "Stay" on his Soundcloud. PB's remix is is chopped with a fine, delicate syncopation; it is warm, bubbly and vibrant. As I listen to the collaboration between a radio sensation and a French teenager, I hear the sounds of confetti, and the reverb of celebration. It is an instrumental interpretation of fireworks. It will fill each of your senses with silk and sentiment. PB's integrated piano riffs challenge the standard of electronic music by filling the void of Ableton software with live instruments. This remix is fluid, as it flows like liquid diamonds through my veins. As I stream this track for the 6th time in a row, editing my run on sentences, I am overwhelmed with an artistic vision that can only be inspired by a remix as striking as this one. Find your own inspiration with the litany of "Stay" remixes, featuring Petit Biscuit and other talented producers on Zedd's Spotify