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Since the rise of hip-hop in the 1970s, the revolutionary genre has been in a constant of state of flux. Over the years, prominent figures in rap have redefined the aesthetic elements that define its pioneering sound. Despite the seemingly simple nature of setting new standards in any given genre, it takes a true visionary to spearhead change in the world of hip-hop. Creating a wave of his own, Los Angeles-based rapper Armani White is solidifying his legacy as a pillar for contemporary rap. After the celebrated release of  “Public School,” the lead single off of his forthcoming full-length project, Armani White is back in style with the unveiling of “casablanco freestyle.” This thunderous freestyle features production from the storied Soundcloud producer, Sango. Their formidable dynamic is illustrious, as Sango lays down a simple yet resounding beat that oscillates looming piano riffs. Armani’s spit-fire verses puncture the beat creating a palpable aura of true-roots hip-hop. Lace up your freshest kicks, and ride the Armani White wave with us. Volume up.