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July 6, 2018 marks the rise of a fresh new UK-based label, Absent Mind Records. The label’s debut release casts the Australian LUNA MAY, a striking flower child with a noticeably spooky aura. “Silly Boys” is a feminine anthem pollinated with strength and ease. LUNA’s female prowess dominates a smoked out beat that builds avenues of slackened sentiments and ancient philosophies. Confidently stitched together by the shaky hand of feminism, her temptation is palpable in “Silly Boys,” giving rise to a genderless sort of resilience. Lo-fi and bedroom ready, “Silly Boys” is succulent, drifting and lush, yet defined by moments of grit and backbone. A myriad of musical arsenals collide to create a sonic ebb and flow of emotions and allure. Righteously witchy, LUNA MAY is setting the standard for Absent Mind Records, watch this space for more from the UK label.