Alli LindseyComment

Austin natives Bronze Whale have been on a wave of discovery since redefining their sound last year. Their productions have become cleaner, more focused, and have added a whole new layer of authenticity by featuring their own Benny on all of the vocals. This change then led them to creating stand out tracks like “Patterns” and “Gold Grain” which saw success from NBA placements, playlists like Apple’s Today’s Chill and SiriusXM spins. Which in turn drove the guys to create an 11-track album, The Shape of Things, that is set to drop this April. With this announcement comes their last single before the album drop “Cruising,” and it gives you everything you need for those late night drives. Pulsing synths introduce Benny’s eerie voice that floats atop rumbling and gradually growing bass, that then plunges the listener into mesmerizing drops that will have you “Cruising,” in the best kind of way. Along with all the glory that will be their album the duo will also be dropping a Splice pack on Feb 21 and a full music video in March, so stay tuned.