Alli LindseyComment

If you’ve been a fan of Beautiful Buzzz for a while, then you know that we have been long time fans of the Austin based duo Bronze Whale. Over the years the group has morphed from their more electronic leaning productions to their now R&B infused indie-electronic compositions. With the addition of their own singing and songwriting, the duo took their project to the next level and turned it into something completely unique. Soul radiates from each note, the percussion amazes in its perfection and the production somehow seems to get cleaner and cleaner. Their latest song “Slowing Down” is no exception and maintains the excellence we expect from the duo. With uplifting synths, a groovy bass-line, a little help from good friend Aire Atlantica and of course Benny’s silky smooth voice, the guys create the perfect summer time track. So what are you waiting for, grab your friends, get your drink, roll the windows down and let this one take ahold.