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With a name like Donkeyboy you’d expect something different than this song. As someone who only just heard about this band who is apparently massively popular in their home country of Norway, I would have expected something humorous like Flight of the Conchords or Reggie Watts, but instead I got this happy-as-hell electro-pop anthem dripping with 80s-inspired sounds. You know what though? I’m not at all mad—I’ve actually been playing it on repeat.


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So since I’m the writer who hardly ever actually writes, today I felt like I should stop being a lazy POS and share some tunes! My first for today comes in the from of a remix of Australian dance party dons Human Movement with the groovy soulful voicings of Eliot Porter. The remixer is Loosid, who I first found through his remix of San Holo’s incredible smash hit “Light”, and in my opinion it’s one of the best remixes of the track, if not the best. 

“Right Thang” is a bouncey house tune with mad nu-disco vibes. The Human Movement lads killed it on this one which is hella infectious and the kind of track that gets even those friends who don’t really dance to get a little wild on the dancefloor. Loosid introduces hints of bass vibes with some fat chords, deep percussion and a gorgeous soaring lead synth line to spice it up and give it some of that future pop edge. But what makes it one notch better the rest of the 29352701 future bass remixes of house tracks on Soundcloud is those super 80’s drum hits which bring in a little taste of nostalgia and elevate this one to “must listen” status. 


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Christopher Walken provided such an iconic moment portraying Bruce Dickinson during a skit in Saturday Night Live with just 5 words: I gotta have more cowbell! I want it to be widely-known today that I am proclaiming “I gotta have more keyboards!” Solarsuit is newest band that coming in with full steam as they have the makings of the next great band. One, of course, is being that they have a keyboardist that really knows how to wail on the keyboard. Two, their newest track “Just for the Thrills” just came out just days ago and it really rocks on. It is a modernized “New Wave” sound that is surely to change the music scene with their range of instruments and vocals. As the song says in its title, give Solarsuit a listen below “Just for the Thrills.


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Nu-disco and indie dance duo Televisor have given us the pleasure of premiering their new original track "Sound of Love ft. River" and it has us dancing through the halls of the Beautiful Buzzz office this morning! Part of that awesome Perfect Havoc clan and recently signed with Armada - Televisor have produced a discolicious gem filled with funky dance beats among sultry pop vocals and all the 80's disco feels! This one is bound to light up any dance floor - preferably one with large squares that light up rainbow patterns. So, grab your disco balls and dancing shoes and be ready to shake ya'booty!