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First off, I’d like to sincerely apologize for not getting to this one sooner. LA-based DEVAULT absolutely crushes his freshly released remix of Alessia Cara’s emotive pop ballad, “Out Of Love”. The rising artist sets the theme using his signature retro brand. He infuses the original with nostalgic 80’s synths and energizing riffs that produce an incredible chemistry with Alessia’s passionate lyrics.

To better describe the track’s vibe as vividly as possible, envision yourself cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway on a cloudless day. You’re riding in a convertible, top down with the wind whipping around you, and you have absolutely zero worries in the world. Well that’s exactly what you’re going to be picturing the second the chorus kicks in - guaranteed. Highly recommend you listen to this on high quality headphones in order to truly absorb the full affect and I promise, it will leave you speechless.

Disclaimer: DEVAULT is promoted by BB writer, Alli Lindsey.



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With a name like Donkeyboy you’d expect something different than this song. As someone who only just heard about this band who is apparently massively popular in their home country of Norway, I would have expected something humorous like Flight of the Conchords or Reggie Watts, but instead I got this happy-as-hell electro-pop anthem dripping with 80s-inspired sounds. You know what though? I’m not at all mad—I’ve actually been playing it on repeat.


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Canadian singer-songwriter/producer Grimes, aka Claire Boucher, the electro-pop dance queen who broke out in 2012 has always mesmerized me. She’s one of those all-around artistic talents who is deeply involved in all aspects of everything she releases from videos and art to the engineering of the music itself. 

It’s to our delight that Dublin-born producer EMBRZ has chosen to remix “Realiti” from her 2015 album Art Angels. He’s taken the 80s-inspired indie-dance tune and beefed it up into a deep, rich, future-friendly house number. With pumping synth and side chain, EMBRZ has shown what he loves to do production-wise when it comes to remixes: create a driving danceable track that showcases forward thinking sound design while still preserving the essence of the original track.



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It's Friday morning and I expect today to be another wild music release day!  I'm not super into this whole industry switch to releasing music on Friday - I like Tuesday release day, I'm used to it! But, with everything in life, things evolve and change so I better get over it .... or I'll be left behind! At least we can kick things of with an amazing premiere from Canadian artist Avenue - and it's something pretty special!  He's handed us a beautiful remix of "Still Afraid" by Tundran that is something slightly different from what we usually feature - which is why we love this so much! The first 1/2 is a gorgeous ballad with mesmerizing melodies - and then drops into a fantastic 80's synth pop indie dance track that's to die for!  It very much has that glam rock feel of David Bowie mixed with the synth style of Com Truise -- absolutely stunning!  I love everything about this ..... everything! 


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I'm absolutely loving the neon 80's vibes that are on the rise right now. This Touch Tone remix of "Baby You're Right" by the band Babe sounds like it came straight out of 1986 and it JAMS! I watched Fast Times At Ridgemont High a couple nights ago (such a great movie) and I'm definitely seeing the 80's trend in both fashion and music exploding everywhere. Los Angeles has several artists rocking the retro 80's vibes and perhaps that might be a good idea for a future vibe guide issue. Back to the music, Touch Tone's remix is light, happy and groovy with a splash of tropical beach flare. The classic 80's arpeggiated saw bass line encapsulates Babe's lyrics making all my cares this Saturday float away, AND it's a free download here!


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Forget coffee! Take your daily dose of caffeine audibly with this amazing gem of a remix that we have the pleasure of premiering for the one and only That's Nice! Bring down the disco ball, turn up the neon, light up the dance floor and lets boogie! That's Nice has gift wrapped us a bright, fun and booty shakin' groove track featuring the classic sounding vocals of AVAN LAVA. "Oohh We Could Take This City!" Bringing together head bobbing precision synth work, flares of synth stabs and a most groovy bass line, we know this track is gonna take every city! 


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Nothing like waking up early and getting your 80s synth groove on! My lovely friend Final DJs does this luscious sound better than most with his nu-disco vibes, and his version of "Think Of Me" by Ben Macklin is saucy! This German producer tends to fly below the radar which I think is absurd - he's obviously got the chops to play with the big boys, and his tracks light up any dance floor. Quality here kids ... just try not to feel this one!! Pick it up from iTunes HERE


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Canada is home to some of the most prolific indie music makers in the world, including some pretty awesome producers as of late! There is definitely something in the water up there, because I keep coming across tracks like this which are so delicious I can't help but instantly fall in love! Montreal brothers Love Thy Brother have delivered a beautifully dark 80's synthed out remix of "Fill Your Brains" by Harrison Brome.  These guys are definitely something I would suggest getting into immediately. You can grab this track as a free download HERE


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Every new track my sweet friend Slaptop puts out is another reminder of just how brilliant he is! This bay area producer found some serious dark groove with "Remember" that is currently winning the headphones game -- I love it! This is the kind of track you put on when you want to get things real sexy in the club, or driving through the city late at night, or when you really want to impress your friends with a hot new track .... all of these things wrapped up in an 80's synthed out deep house dance gem!  Delicious!