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I have decided that this new Alizzz track "Pull Up On Me ft. YAS" is 100% my summer anthem. Being a woman making moves in this industry, I kinda feel like a bad bitch every day. Finding my place in this boys club while being respected has been no easy task, but I've gotten my stamp of approval and have achieved that honorary position .... because I'm a bad bitch! Can't pull up on a bad bitch OK! But for real, Alizzz is yummy ... I love everything this Barcelonian producer puts into the world. It's filled with bright future beats with smooth vocals from YAS ... what's not to love! This one is out via our loves Moving Castle - thanks homies! 


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The Hotel Garuda "Smoke Signals" remixes dropped today via PRMD, and both are so delicious in so many ways I couldn't pick just one to talk about! We are huge fans and supporters of Electric Mantis and Alizzz, and they have delivered some siiick future beats madness, flipping this track into super sexy versions with their signature sounds - one being equally as awesome as the other! You guys can pick which one you prefer, but I am telling you it's going to be a challenge! You can pick them up via iTunes HERE!  

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When we learned about this awesome producer last year, not only did we love the tunes, we also could appreciate the 3 Z's he rocks!  We rock the 3 Z's as well with Beautiful Buzzz - and one day I want to ask Alizzz how often people leave off that third Z - cos it happens to me allllllll the time! I digress -  he's crushing, and this new remix of "Motley Crue" by THEY. kinda rules! He's flipped this track into a sexy future groove with a touch of disco vibes while keeping that hip-hop flavor strong! Brilliant! When we included Alizzz on our "Ones To Watch in 2016" list - we knew what we were talking about! You can grab this as a free download HERE!


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One thing I have always said is that I am definitely not a music journalist!  Beautiful Buzzz was created as an outlet where I can tell my friends about all the great music I come across - and over the past few years we've grown into a fun place where people can find new tracks and listen to my stories! This Best Of 2015 list is personal; it's a combination of tracks I loved and great moments I had working with the artists over the past year - whether it was through the blog, at one of my Beautiful Buzzz shows, or just a night out on the town!!  Enjoy!!    

We had quite a year - click on the pic to check out who made our Best Of 2015 list!

2016 is bringing fire - click on the pic to check out who made our Ones To Watch in 2016 list!


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Last month we featured this awesome track "Your Love" from Barcelonan producer Alizzz that we were all gaga over!  Today he's dropped Your Love Remix EP via Moving Castle for some serious dance vibes!  This little collective always delivers super fresh jams, and each producer selected to flip put their signature flavor all over these bad boys!  Manila Killa, Robokid and Hoodboi crushed it! You can grab all three tracks as a free download HERE

Disclosure: Manila Killa is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writers Alli Lindsey + Lindsey Oh


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Hit me with your love -- Alizzz!  Know what I like best about this Moving Castle artist - it's not that his latest track "Your Love ft. Max Marshall" is a piece of electro pop perfection, or that his future feels are layered within the sweet danceable beats, or that he's kind of a babe!  No no, it's that he too has 3 Z's in his name, like we do here at Beautiful Buzzz! I like the way you think Alizzz, and I am loving this new release!  This Barcelonan producer has my stamp of approval! The Your Love EP is out now and you can swoop it from iTunes HERE