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Frequent collaborators of free form bass BINKS and GNOSIS team up to unveil “Defcon” ahead of their TRANSCENDENCE EP. The last single on the 5-track effort, “Defcon” is a fantastic showcase of tension and release. An eerily melodic build-up ascends its final resting place before soaring into a plane of static resonance. Controlled digital chaos breathes life into a heady outline of impressive sound design. Left of center and tantalizing to boot, “Defcon” is an out-of-this-world triumph that stands as an paramount facet to the forthcoming EP. TRANSCENDENCE drops tomorrow, May 7.



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Although the Coachella madness has come to a close, attendees can relive some of the festival’s glory with Balkan Bump and CloZee’s collaborative triumph, “Varshaver.” CloZee, the french producer and super babe boasted an intoxicating set at her Coachella debut. The rising powerhouse brought out her special guest Balkan Bump to perform their previously unreleased track, “Varshaver.” As fans were mesmerized by their acute synchronicity, they can now stream the studio version of the up-tempo cut. Meticulous sound design breathes a new life into experimental bass as Balkan Bump brings a brassy hue to the forefront. This uptempo Coachella anthem is a maze of geometric sounds complimented with notes of funk on the nose. Listen to CloZee and Balkan Bump take dance music to a new level.



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Only Gramatik can make me feel this way …. for real this is the best jam I have heard all week. I happen to live in a state where weed is legal … in fact I was just at the dispensary around the corner from my house last weekend …. with my Dad and I thought, fuck remember when you did everything you could to hide the weed from your Dad, and now it’s completely socially acceptable to go weed shopping with him!! I love you California! I digress, it’s Friday and Gramatik says “Puff Your Cares Away” and you know what … I’m going too riiiight now! Best jam ever …. that is all …. swoop a free download HERE!



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CASSIAN is about to take over the dance world, finally! After years of releasing some of the greatest indie dance / nu- disco / deep house jams that we love, all the while staying under the radar, our Aussie friend is now emerging as one of the hottest electronic acts of 2019! BOOM! CASSIAN drops “Same Things ft. Gabrielle Current” for all that hotness and we’re swooning. Don’t worry tho, we’re going to see much more from this legend, or as I like to call him DJ Steal Your Girl, in the months to come — and we have another cool announcement about CASSIAN next week so check back with us if you know what’s good for ya!



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Weighing in at only 19 years old, Canadian producer Ramzoid’s influence on electronic music has recently witnessed a stunning, upward trajectory. His acute attention to detail, technical dexterity, and innovation breathes new life into experimental dance music. The cutting edge producer just unveiled his latest EP, “WORLD.” This catalog of finely tuned sounds is righteously diverging- both breezy and industrial. The EP’s namesake and intro track, “WORLD” is a stirring joint, tethered together with hip-hop-esque vocals and a fearless, looming melody. The beat’s ebb and flow is distinct, conducive to an unmistakable, musical movement. Controlled chaos dissolves into the gritty sounds of a mute vinyl record, as “WORLD” flawlessly sets the bar for the rest of the EP.

Disclaimer: Ramzoid is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz Staff Writer Hunter Thompson



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After bursting onto the Soundcloud electronic scene with his enigmatic remixes years ago, Luca Lush championed his own impressive path to become one of the most innovative producers today. Showcasing his undeniable ability to produce just about every genre known to man, Luca Lush shines on his Mad Decent debut with his hard-hitting “Another Life” featuring Aviella. Aviella’s raw, powerful vocals carry listeners through Lush’s booming soundscapes and monstrous trap-laced drop. Taking a fresh and surprising turn, Lush turns his second drop into a wonderfully high-energy psy-trance banger. “Another Life” is an impressive change of pace for the largely known remixer, and demonstrates only the best from the New York based artist.

Disclaimer: Luca Lush is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz staff writer Alli Lindsey



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I don’t even want to think about how many new tracks dropped today …. the list seems to be endless and I will have the task of picking through the noise to find the gems! Lucky I came across this new jam from Chicago native producer Madnap and up-and-coming producer Jaron - they got together to produce “Your World” which I am loving so I swooped it up for our next premiere! This track has all that lovely big energy with glitchy melodies and mad trap arm throwing beats … I see this being huge in the club. We’ve been supporting Madnap for a minute now, and seems like he’s making all the right moves. You guys can grab a free download HERE!



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K?d never ceases to amaze us here at BB - we have the biggest crush on this young producer and we are proud to call him our boyfriend! Over the past year K?d has absolutely exploded into greatness with sell out tours and main stages at festivals … bananas! He has also just dropped his first official EP that is all kinds of wonderful. Find Paradise EP shows off K?d’s wide range of genre bending influences with each track having it’s own particular flavor. Delicious! Check out the first track “Electric Memories ft. Mickey Kojak” above and swoop the rest HERE!

Disclosure: k?d is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz legend Hunter Thompson.



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Taking the entire music industry by storm with an allusive swagger, ilo ilo returns from the shadows with their latest single, “roll” boasting the crisp, feminine vocals of Cara Bishop- lead vocalist of Austin’s sibling trio The Bishops. After receiving a cryptic message from the mysterious electronic ensemble, and embarking on a 48 hour scavenger hunt around New York City, Instagram user cjohnson1992 documented his exploration around the Big Apple as he discovered clues that would apparently lead him to a final resting place of artistic revelation. After 2 days running around New York City in a Black Mirror-esque fashion, the handsome Instagram user stumbled upon a USB that held ilo ilo’s digitally suave, robust single, “roll.” Leaving the pressure of the offical release on the NYC resident, the intentionally leaked track is a cosmic fusion of digital sounds and feminine prowess. Rising tides of algorithmic production dive into a bass-centric atmosphere radiating a uniqueness defined only by ilo ilo. These pioneers of electronic music leave us with one daunting question- who is ilo ilo? Join us as we become moving parts in their continuous riddle, bound by the mystic creation of music.