Chet Faker


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Okay I've got your cure for the Monday blues right here! This is a tremendous feel good tune courtesy of London based Marcus Marr and the always stellar Chet Faker. "The Trouble With Us" doesn't get too complicated and that's where I feel this track excels. Driving in the beginning with a flanging, funky guitar (or is it bass?) line, the disco beat eventually flashes in with a super catchy pop oriented chorus. "Ohh god that's the trouble with me" sings Chet reminding us that trust is a two way street, and that's the "Trouble With Us." This track could make waves, and I can definitely see this as a radio crossover hit.


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Our little Irish angel is up next to share his top 5 summer jams! Reuben Keeney is making sick ass dance beats somewhere in the Irish countryside! On some days I like to ask him if he's been running with any sheep lately - because I did that once when I was in Ireland, and it was fun! But mostly this uber talented youngster is writing and producing with peeps in Ireland and London, and also throwing his own parties in Letterkenny -- I'm not 100 percent sure where that is exactly, but I bet it's pretty green!! His selection is really great, check it out and get to know Reuben Keeney a little better! 

KDA - Rumble (Shadow Child Re-Edit)
This song is just a straight up banger! I've been dropping it in my sets for the last month and it goes off every time.. It just keeps building and building..

EMBRZ - Silent ft Amy Rose
EMBRZ is a fellow Irish producer and a very good friend of mine. We keep each other sane in such an insane industry. Above all though, his music is incredible and I’m a huge fan of his latest single Silent ft. Amy Rose.

Eagles For Hands - Glass Heart ft Holly Partridge
I love this song so much, Holly’s vocals are amazing! The melodies and ambience takes me to another place



The Six - Unfinished Sympathy feat Jasmine Thompson
I have a lot of time for all the artists on this record. Pablo & Danny from The Six are absolute legends and Jasmine is a super sweet young lady. I love everything about this song and can’t wait to show the world some of the collaborations I have been working on with The Six coming out over the summer!

Chet Faker - 1998 (Amateur Dance Remix)
I found this song through the Beautiful Buzzz Blog actually!! When I first heard it, it gave me a weird nostalgia feeling even though I never heard it before. I’m a huge Gui Boratto / Stephen Bodzin fan so I guess this song connects me with them. Either way I love it and can’t wait to hear what else Amateur Dance has got coming up!


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Anyday where we get anything new from the Future Classic camp is a good day. Today we've been blessed with a new remix to Chet Faker's "1998". For Record Store Day, Chet put out the 1998 Melbourne Edition, a limited edition record consisitng of a series of remixes to his song "1998" by local Melbourne producers. A month later, the series has reappeared online with an additional remix by Amateur Dance. Let me be the first to tell Amateur Dance is no amateur to dance music and this remix has got our hips shaking. We'll be on the lookout for more tasty music from him in the future!


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During this time of year, I am under water with all things SXSW!  Sometimes a girl needs to take a break from the madness and get creative, and last night I needed it big time!!  It's the first Beautiful Buzzz mixtape of 2015.  I threw in tracks I've been listening to quite a bit, some of my featured SXSW artists, and a whole bunch of dance party fun!  Hope you enjoy!! 

1.  Reuben Keeney - Sweet Child Of Mine
2.  Lane 8 - Nothing You Can Say (ft. Lucy Stone)
3.  Max Radford - Ian Curtis (TRASHYOUTH Remix)
4.  Loframes - Get Real
5.  Portugal. The Man - Creep In A T-Shirt (STRFKR Remix)
6.  Beacon - Fault Lines (Dauwd Remix)
7.  Lapsley - Falling Short (JackLNDN Remix)
8.  Chet Faker - Gold (Sondrio Remix)
9.  Brolin - You
10. Above & Beyond ft. Zoe Johnston - We're All We Need (Spada Remix)
11.  Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Dance The Way I Feel (Luke Million Remix)
12.  Plastic Plates - Feel The Fire
13.  Hot Since 82 ft. Alex Mills - Restless (Original Mix)
14.  The Weeknd - Often (Figgy Remix)
15.  AlunaGeorge - Supernatural (Pomo Remix)
16.  Touch Sensitive - Teen Idols
17.  Sir Sly - You Haunt Me (Salda Remix)
18.  Croquet Club - Only You Can Tell (Original Mix)
19.  Tropicool & Peitzke - Cat Call
20.  Hollow Coves - The Woods (Ghosts Remix)
21.  Antilope - Body Trouble


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I'm starting to wonder if this week is ever going to end!!  I'm totally fried, and it's not stopping for me any time soon!! I hope everyone enjoys their weekend because I'll be hard at work on SXSW! There is one thing right now that's making me feel better, and that's this new Sondrio remix of "Gold" by Chet Faker!  Swoon!!  Australian producer Sondrio turns this track into a disco-y house dance floor smash!  Love it!!  Download this one for free kids!