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Hailing from Brisbane, beat crafting aficionado and producer cln explores electro-R&B in his latest single, “Fade To Grey.” This atmospheric outline awakens downtempo dance music as it bleeds moody rhythms and flighty melodies. A barebones bass line allows his slackened vocals to rise from the grainy shadows embedded within. A breezy listen with mellow lyrical musings, “Fade To Grey” is a mellifluous feat from the versatile musician. Delivered with warmth and intellectuality, the impressive artist continues to forge his own path with each release. Get lost in this ethereal reflection of cln’s inner monologue.



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Need a little chill #mondaymotivation? This Tuesday is more like a Monday for most after the holiday weekend here in the US. This new track from artist/producer ARIZA is as relaxing as it is relatable. Entirely written, recorded, and produced by the Colombian-born, LA-based musician, “Keep On” is minimally produced, but manages to say a lot about the artist. Describing the inspiration behind “Keep On,” ARIZA expressed how the song is “one of the most personal tracks to describe a musician’s life in LA. The constant ups and downs. The ego checks. The emotional and existential turmoil experienced. It’s an honest look towards getting over hurdles and continuing to improve within the craft.”

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At the heels of a shocking year, Seattle-based producer Ark Patrol returns with an entirely new outlook on life. In 2018, the alternative electro powerhouse was diagnosed with cancer, straining his creative processes. Despite facing a life-threatening illness, Ark Patrol overcame adversity with a sense of intellect and grace. The new found warrior has since taken back his life, and is ready to share new music with the world. “Your Eyes (And Other Safe Havens)” is Ark Patrol’s lead single to his forthcoming self-titled album length project. Melodic and inviting, “Your Eyes” warms its listeners with glistening sound design and mellow cadences. Originally produced as an interlude for the project, the track later came to fruition as a staple single from the upcoming catalog. Find peace and healing in “Your Eyes (And Other Safe Havens),” and stay tuned for a monumental year from the Seattle musician.

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Intoxicating like a cabernet by a warm winter fire, Benji Lewis’ latest release is a river of emotions and intellect. “Ride” is a blanket of feelings, a swim through a vast stream of intoxicating sounds, an effervescent plane of both pleasure and pain. His moving take on alternative resonance is sincere, possessive, moving. Almost impossible to articulate, Benji Lewis blends his medicinal vocal powers with Lincoln Jesser’s feathery production. An indescribable truth radiates from “Ride,” slowing the world around you, awakening your truest self. Lose yourself in this hazy labyrinth defined only by Benji Lewis.



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Beautiful Buzzz favorite Alex Lustig returns boasting his signature charm with his latest single “Love Like Us.” A driving force as a producer behind the scenes for Freddie Gibbs and Young Thug, Lustig’s solo career is an esoteric take on indie-electronic. His feathery production, ethereal transitions, and crisp vocal features are the pillars that define his stunning catalog of sounds. “Love Like Us” carefully balances easy cadences and hip-hop-esque chops, creating a tonal divergence that doubles as synchronicity. Alex Lustig, we’re listening.

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Electronic soundscapes, textural guitar riffs, and lush synths are the pillars of Price Park’s latest single, “Fire” featuring Joe Kosky. This vibrant framework of sounds boasts a palpable resonance, both sweet and striking. Little moments of bliss collide in “Fire,” awakening a myriad of emotions via smooth transitions and complex arrangements. Drawing inspiration from a labyrinth of electronic sub-genres, Price Park channels a slew of influence with a notable sense of cohesiveness. Gorgeous and gritty, this Melbourne-based visionary is as encompassing as they come. Join us as we lose ourselves in this rare, seamless beauty defined only by Price Park and Joe Kosky.



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Inspired by legends from the likes of Anderson .Paak, John Mayer, FKJ, and D’Angelo, London-based duo fika returns with their breezy single, “High.” Defined by lush guitar licks and feathery, slackened cadences, this Sunday morning anthem exudes an acute coolness. The R&B-esque joint boasts distorted, buttery vocals that cascade atop a Tom Misch style of production, illuminating fika’s dexterity and influence. This easy tune serves smooth vibes on a silver platter, making fika one of our favorite new outfits to keep an eye on. Kick back, spark up, and ride the wave with “High.”



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Eric Sharp has returned with a chill new original "Take This Time" with repeat vocalist and indie soul singer Zhao. We posted their last record "The Thirst" and ya know when you've got a good thing going you repeat it. This is a mellow house tune that's relaxing and breezy to listen to. Eric says about the tune, “'Take This Time’ speaks directly to the reality that individual closed mindedness is literally costing human lives on a consistent basis. If people could open their minds and hearts more, a much better world is possible. Currently we seem stuck in cycles of hatred and otherness. The song is imbued with a deep sadness around this fact, and a more general poignancy around missed opportunities and unrealized potential,” Incredible truths that we can't promote and re-iterate enough, and oh by the way also pairs perfectly with fantastic music. This tune is the first single from Eric Sharp's forthcoming EP "Eric Sharp and Friends" set for release in early 2018. 



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For the unawares, Rusty Hook, aside from his contribution to the Slow Hours project, has been lurking around SoundCloud racking up millions of plays and drawing off the oldest heads on the platform. He has been building his cv and biding his time, but now he is ready to release his first original project, Romance is Dead, Good Riddance. The first single of the compilation, ‘Relief’, features smooth and colorful vocals from brother-sister duo Truitt. Rusty Hook’s production on the track blends R&B with electronic, leaving a lasting impression. Combined with the sultry lyrical delivery of Truitt, the track truly shines.

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