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You know the music that plays over a festival recap video? A track that has a cosmic, broad frequency sound over b-roll of massive crowds flailing their totems carelessly? Savoy and Grabbitz just crafted one of those tracks with the release of "Contemplate." It's epic; with it comes a sense of tasteful familiarity, but also the collaborative, signature sound of both parties. Most impressively, both names are at large in the game of live electronic music. An incredibly difficult genre to excel in, Savoy and Grabbitz both have found a way to demand EDM fan-based crowds using both digital production and live instruments. "Contemplate," is becoming in its electronic, chromatic production but simultaneously pays tribute to each parties respective choice of live instrumentation. The track has a large, tunnel vision-esque reverberation and walks a line between Deadmau5-style house music, and classic, indie-electronic. It's cleanly mixed, and the collaboration is seemingly star-crossed, yet indeed, a cosmic reality. Check it out via Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Music. Also, every Monstercat release sounds like the track artwork- props.