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Paco Versailles is a name you’ll be hearing a LOT in the near future. The electric duo is composed of songwriter/producer Ryan Merchant (of Capital Cities fame) and guitarist/composer Vahagni, and they recently released their second single “Shangri La” — but I’m already a fan for life. Merchant’s mesmerizing dance/pop vocals are fantastically memorable instant sing-alongs, exquisitely complemented by Vahagni’s resplendent flamenco guitar. Together, they’ve dubbed their sound Dancemenco (a new genre moniker I quite like). 

The group’s first single “Unwind” dropped in late June. The delightful concoction of enthralling acoustic guitar riffs, dance claps, and romantic vocals is instantly enamoring. With that release, they also debuted their captivating live show at LA’s esteemed Peppermint Club. All I can say is: this is a band that will be playing festivals this time next year. Following up “Unwind” with “Shangri La”, Paco Versailles has delivered more of their addictive Dancemenco, alluding to the search for the legendary literary utopia Shangri La, which represents a mystical paradise, isolated from the world (a place I think we’d all enjoy going to for a while). Keep your eyes and ears on Paco Versailles. I hear lots more new music is coming soon :D

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This is just a straight jam. So glad Kill Paris is back with more music, and I might even wager to say that this is his best single yet. I've been listening to it on repeat. Lowly Palace (the label for this release) has got a good thing going. Dotter's catchy songwriting and sanguine vocals are interesting enough to shine in their own right and not just blend in with the production, as often happens with so many dance music top line vocalists. "F*cking with my head in the red lights baby..." She's just so good.

And the production is of course where the track truly shines. It's just a perfect example top-notch, dynamic, emotion-inducing dance music production: synths that wreak of dance floor euphoria. I could even see this is used in a futuristic sci-fi film or TV soundtrack. I've listened to this track at least 5 times while writing this post, and I still don't want to stop. Spotify should take note and include more tracks like this in New Music Friday instead of giving the spotlight to "artists" like Bhad Babie (read: Cash Me Outside girl).



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Diplo's label, Mad Decent, is more than boat bangers and block parties. The label extends its search for talent all over the world. One Mad Decent DJ/producer, Big Fish, who has gone platinum 6 times, basically runs the entire Urban-Italian hip-hop and dance scene. This acclaimed, demanding producer just dropped a collaborative track, "Bullet In The Air" with David Blank showcasing his captivating vocals. The song takes off with a simple, rolling beat, giving attention to Blank's modern soul lyricism, warming you up for the eclectic masterpiece that it is. While the intro is slow, comparative to the entirety of the track, the first build up is rapid, only to premiere a drop that actually rises with vibrant confidence. It's like old-school soul had baby with modern disco and then told its girlfriend to get lost. Big Fish continues to prove himself as a pioneer not only with this track, but his entire career. See it for yourself via Soundcloud and Spotify.


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Rising progressive house producer Thoreau just dropped his vibrant remix of "Imagine" by Bronze Whale and Popeska. While the original track received stellar feedback on its own, Thoreau's treatment is blazing trails for further success of the hit single. Heavy-hitting dance music faces a lot of criticism in the EDM community, primarily for stale repetition and predictable chord progression. Thoreau's spin of "Imagine" is direct proof that progressive house music can, and should be, a revered, multi-faceted take on electronic composition. This remix is tailor made for a summer night house party, or a shoes-off-at-home-shuffle-sesh. Its first major drop at 1:31 is a shock wave of dynamic, pulsating resonance. Thoreau has reshaped this already brilliant single into a stimulating, cleanly mixed dance party. This Boulder-based producer is changing the way the EDM-world looks at progressive house, as his artistic outlook on dance music is refreshing in an often over-saturated market. Get down with Thoreau and his latest remix via Soundcloud, sure to leave you feeling reanimated and recharged. 

Disclosure: Thoreau is managed by Beautiful Buzzz writer Lindsey Oh