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Paco Versailles is a name you’ll be hearing a LOT in the near future. The electric duo is composed of songwriter/producer Ryan Merchant (of Capital Cities fame) and guitarist/composer Vahagni, and they recently released their second single “Shangri La” — but I’m already a fan for life. Merchant’s mesmerizing dance/pop vocals are fantastically memorable instant sing-alongs, exquisitely complemented by Vahagni’s resplendent flamenco guitar. Together, they’ve dubbed their sound Dancemenco (a new genre moniker I quite like). 

The group’s first single “Unwind” dropped in late June. The delightful concoction of enthralling acoustic guitar riffs, dance claps, and romantic vocals is instantly enamoring. With that release, they also debuted their captivating live show at LA’s esteemed Peppermint Club. All I can say is: this is a band that will be playing festivals this time next year. Following up “Unwind” with “Shangri La”, Paco Versailles has delivered more of their addictive Dancemenco, alluding to the search for the legendary literary utopia Shangri La, which represents a mystical paradise, isolated from the world (a place I think we’d all enjoy going to for a while). Keep your eyes and ears on Paco Versailles. I hear lots more new music is coming soon :D

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