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Swathed in allure, Belgium-based producer Alex Lustig returns with “Enough,” boasting the esoteric vocals of Melbourne’s own Akacia. Having produced for hip-hop legends by the likes of Young Thug, MGK, and Freddie Gibbs, Alex Lustig is redirecting his resonance into something softer, a sound defined by mysticism. “Enough” is built on meditative pillars, strong enough to carry his signature sound, and gentle enough to feed the soul. A smoked out beat lays the foundation for Akacia’s seductive lyricism to glow with bliss. This organic framework of sonorous sounds is saturated with a whispering mantra, proving his enchantment is set to be long-lasting. Join us on this cloud, as we lose ourselves in the trance-like labyrinth that is the prodigal mind of Alex Lustig.



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Seeing that Beautiful Buzzz thrives from innovative artists, we understand the impact they have in inspiring people all around the world. One artist in particular has enamored me since 2016 when I first heard,  “Scenic Route ft. Felish.” Los Angeles based producer Andrew Coulter, better known as Soul Catalyst, has consistently been an artist I can queue for anyone, anytime, in any environment and receive the same positive reaction from. His stylistic choices render a daydream essence. He's held his own remixing favorites such as, Daft Punk’s “Lose Yourself to Dance” and ODESZA’s “White Lies.” With light filled, organic, care-free melodies and vocals, it’s clear he’s mastered the art of combining electronic house beats with dreamy psychedelic chill. He's just released, “Only You ft. Felish” off his forthcoming album, Silver Linings. It’s hard to say what’s in the future for Soul Catalyst, but I’m sure he’ll have no problem turning it into a beautiful journey. 


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I am credited with, give or take, 95 digital bylines in the discipline of music. Admittedly, I have glorified music that I don't particularly love. And rarely am I completely awe-struck by a track, especially in the world of electronic music. The artistic tendencies seem to be repetitive, and well, a bit grey. But when LA-based, Dreamers Delight and Austin-based Cloudchord come together...touching, technicolor notes and melodies rise from the ashes to remind me why electronic music is a legendary artistic locus in the entire timeline of art and music. Their co-written track, "Swirls" is a flighty one, warming your senses, dipping you in gold, and most importantly, evoking emotion. It's a live electronic gospel, with structured layers and meditative guitar riffs. Ironically (but probably intentionally), it sounds like the intangible sounds of "swirls-" it almost tickles when you listen. "Swirls" is a trip, and you peak with a sense of euphoria and come down satisfied, taught, and more aware. Dreamers Delight and Cloudchord have created something very special with "Swirls." Get your headphones, or your aux and start streaming today.