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jackLNDN is no stranger to our pages! We’ve been supporting this legend since he was a wee lad still making beats from his parents basement in the UK. After many years of rad releases, about a dozen shows, a move to the USA, and all around general hangs …. you could say he’s one of our besties! We are VERY excited for this next premiere of “Gone” by jackLNDN which will be included on his first full-length album THOUGHTS out AUG 16. This new track has all that deep house goodness that only Jack can vibe, but this time he’s tackling the “darker side of loneliness; when the mind is such a mess, that numbing it seems is the only way to cope.” With shadowy melodies under deep house beats and dulcet vocals, we get all the feels. Get personal with jackLNDN and get into this one kids!



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Sydney-based producer ARONA MANE radiates a distinguished vision with each release. His latest offering, “Tell Me” featuring Maribelle is an intoxicating framework of electro-R&B. Effervescent and funky as hell, ARONA MANE delivers the kind of track that lights up psyche and lingers for days to come. Infectious hooks are embellished with inviting, tempered vocals that illuminate its distinct ability to balance a myriad of genres. Dancing fearlessly on the edge of modern disco and a never-before-heard sound, “Tell Me” is a dance-floor ready feat cascading an optimistic wave of resonance. Swathed in glamour and groove, ARONA MANE and Maribelle are brilliant on “Tell Me.” Tune in with us today on your preferred streaming platform.


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Dripping with the sounds of old-school disco, That’s Nice brings the 80s to life alongside vocalist MRY to unveil “No Denyin.’” Stitched together with a particular kind of glamour, this neon cut puts a spell on its listener. Creamy guitar licks radiate through waves of funk and electro-pop, giving rise to a fresh breath of optimism. Naturally addictive, “No Denyin’” is swathed in a signature swagger defined by only by the collaborating duo. Let your worries go and explore the sounds of contemporary disco.



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Bass playing super-babe Blu DeTiger is thriving at the heels of her debut single, “In My Head.” Championing disco-funk vibes, the live-electronic DJ/producer is well on her way to becoming a household name in the sub-genre. Currently on tour with The Knocks as an opener and member of the live band, Blu has claimed 2019 as her own. After the well-received release of her first original single, the spunky siren is passing the track along to a slew of talented producers to give it their unique treatment. A self-proclaimed purveyor of feel good house music, Atlanta’s own Treasure Fingers expanded the single into a more spacious outline by zooming in and emphasizing key moments from the original cut. Vibrant and groovy to boot, this remix pairs well with a Friday night- party on.



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CASSIAN is about to take over the dance world, finally! After years of releasing some of the greatest indie dance / nu- disco / deep house jams that we love, all the while staying under the radar, our Aussie friend is now emerging as one of the hottest electronic acts of 2019! BOOM! CASSIAN drops “Same Things ft. Gabrielle Current” for all that hotness and we’re swooning. Don’t worry tho, we’re going to see much more from this legend, or as I like to call him DJ Steal Your Girl, in the months to come — and we have another cool announcement about CASSIAN next week so check back with us if you know what’s good for ya!



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Acid-house meets indie electronic on Ark Patrol’s latest single, “Darling, You Can’t Walk Away.” A mere two weeks ago we were reveling in the producer’s romantic track “Your Eyes (And Other Safe Havens),” the lead single to his debut self-titled project. Today, Ark Patrol is capitalizing on his momentum with a second preview of what’s to come late February. With a wicked draw to it, this groovy track is a daring ocean of energy. His versatility as a producer is apparent as he fuses a labyrinth of sounds to oscillate the digitized vocal feature. Chromatic and charismatic as hell, Ark Patrol is fearless with “Darling, You Can’t Walk Away.”

Photo Credit: Nick Guzman (@nckguz)    Disclaimer: Ark Patrol is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer Alli Lindsey

Photo Credit: Nick Guzman (@nckguz)

Disclaimer: Ark Patrol is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer Alli Lindsey


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In a matter of months, Mickey Kojak has made quite a name for himself. After the well-received unveiling of his Daft Punk “Something About Us” cover, a world-wide fan base accumulated, quickly submerging listeners into his self-made, colorful world of disco-house. His latest release “Bones” is a genreless melting pot of digitized funk and complex cadences. Mickey’s textured, cheeky vocals echo, as each transition is drawn out with a poised seduction. Psychedelic to boot, “Bones” fits in gorgeously with his previously released gems. Still relatively new to the music scene, this Aussie character is a refreshing muse in an often often over-saturated industry. Stay spunky, Mickey, we’re listening.



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Hailing from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania three-piece ensemble Exmag returns with a swift swagger via their 2-track EP “Glimpses of a Vision.” The electro-funk outfit blends live instrumentation with contemporary disco, breathing life into the revolutionary genre. The EPs first single, “Amável” is a chamber of vibrancy, radiating sensual grooves that are both alluring and invigorating. A formidable horn section works as an anchor for sexy, lush synths to flow with ease. This palpable, funky joint is carefully layered, textured with a jazzy resonance. This immersive lead single lays the foundation for the second track, “In This” featuring rising rapper Ehiorobo. Both tracks are an audible parallel to the EPs artwork- bold, abstract, and inspiring. Ease yourself into the wonderful world of Exmag with “Amável” and lean into the brief, yet enthralling offering that is “Glimpses of a Vision.”



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Seriously tho … any day Hotel Garuda drops a new track is the best day ever! Our love for his sweet sweet jams is huge, and today he brightens our morning with his new track “One Reason ft. Imad Royal & Kiah Victoria.” Plus, it’s his birthday as well so, all kinds of reasons to celebrate. With that infectious groove and dance floor fire, Hotel Garuda once again gets our feet moving and booty shakin’ … so good! If you are in the bay area and are looking for a rad yet inexpensive New Years Eve party — you are in luck because we have Hotel Garuda with The Knocks and Sweater Beats! Woah! You can swoop tickets below!

Disclaimer: midnight is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer, Alli Lindsey.