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Colorful and melodramatic, Brooklyn’s own Unknown Caller returns with “Sayonara.” Inspired by the new wave cadences of the 80s, and intellectual conversations made across Taipei, Seoul, Kyoto, and Tokyo, “Sayonara” is a melting pot of unique influences. Stitched together with a demanding melodrama, this tapestry of sounds is both familiar and far out. A careful algorithm of isolated, digital chimes work together to create a single framework of vibrant emotions. At the apex of bedroom pop, Unknown Caller’s vocals are distant, sequestered, yet distinctly encompassing. With a DNA of whispering theatrics, subtle vigor, and undeniable glamour, “Sayonara” is a charming venture of resonance. Paralleled with artwork from Taiwanese visual artist, Air Geometry, the single is an artistically sound conception. Tune in. 



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I am a sucker for all the dreamy electro-pop, and this young artist out of Chicago is kinda making my day! Shallou released his latest single "Begin ft. Wales" last week, and thankfully I came across it today because it's extra dreamy. With a steady dance beat and synthy melodies, Shallou combines light sounds, floaty textures and soothing harmonies, it makes me feel like dancing under a waterfall of glitter. Swoop this one via iTunes HERE!  


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I first noticed Yoke Lore on the upper ranks of the Hype Machine charts earlier this year and was instantly entranced with the honesty and sincerity of the music. Part indie folk, part dream pop, and part experimental electronic, it’s reminiscent of legend-caliber acts like The Shins and M83, but is also uniquely its own. The project is the new musical venture of Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Adrian Galvin, previously of Yellerkin and Walk the Moon. I was lucky enough to catch a live set last month in Hollywood at School Night, and let me tell you, he did not disappoint!

I’m honored today to premiere the first remix of a Yoke Lore track, coming in the form of an unconventional, playful, house-influenced edit from Chicago-born, Brooklyn-based producers Gilligan Moss. Moss’ inimitable production tendencies have led to impressive remixes for artists such as Sia and Glass Animals and a 2015 EP of original music called Ceremonial with over a millions listens on Spotify.

Their envisioning of “Hold Me Down” begins almost like a symphony, then the isolated vocals make an entrance joined by a delicate synth line, and not until almost a minute in do we start to get any percussion. The beat is somewhat familiar indie-dance but is scattered with an array of flittering flourishes that lead to listener down an unexpected path. Coupled with Galvin’s hypnotic vocal melodies, it’s easy to get lost in — the perfect tune for a mid-December morning.

Catch Yoke Lore on tour now supporting Handsome Ghost, remaining dates below:

12/14 Big Room Bar Columbus, OH (tickets)
12/15 Cattivo Pittsburgh, PA (tickets)
12/16 Beachland Tavern Cleveland, OH (tickets)
12/17 Schuba's Chicago, IL (tickets)


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With us walking up the doorsteps to Coachella, South By merely moments ago and festival season completely upon us, it's hard not to walk around with a smile. For music lovers we have reached the mecca of musical paradise: Spring and Summer are finally here! This new track by Twin Wave has exactly the kind of upbeat energy that I'm vibing with hard right now. Sunny bright guitar, a quick rhythm and a totally infectious chorus vocal hook that fills out the instrumental with ease. The Brooklyn based trio has been honing their sound since 2013, but have found a great stride with this new dream pop sound. They cite it lies somewhere between the likes of Future Islands and the Police and I couldn't agree more. I'm excited to hear more from this trio, consider me officially on board the bandwagon!


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For me, music can be just as visually stimulating at times as even the most vibrant pieces of art. Certain pieces of music make my imagination go crazy, I envision far off places; dream-like environments with sprawling landscapes never before seen by human eyes. While yes this a very personal reaction that only exists in my head, I can only imagine the musings of others when they encounter music such as this "With Me" by Commandeur. I've never heard of this Australian native before, but I'm soo happy I have now. The name of our blog is Beautiful Buzzz and this track is both Beautiful and very Buzzzworthy. Rich in atmospheric elegance, delicate and personal, yet with a feeling of vast expansiveness. The airy echoes of the female voice intertwine with the lead vocals engulfing you in a warm and mysterious soundscape of colors and tones. This record takes you on a mellifluous journey into a synthetic fantasy. Allow yourself to become the innocent child you once were. Indulge your imagination and hit play.


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Ok I'm fully coming to terms with the fact that I'm totally loving all the 80's revival tracks that are coming out right now. Tracks like this one "Further Away" by LA's Satchmode has such a magical retro feel to it, not to mention the total earworm hook and velvet like production. Utilizing warm arpeggiated synths, the Phil Collins big tom fills, and a classic sounding distorted synth solo at the second dance chorus, this track hits the Top Gun vibes spot on. Oh and it fades out at the end ha ha, something I've noticed songs don't really do anymore.