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Mel Ody returns with another genre-bending hit: “Horizon.” The Athens, Greece-based artist has played with a variety of genres in his previous singles and with this release, he dives into an uptempo drum & bass tune featuring powerful, but not overbearing vocals. Mel Ody explains that “Horizon” “was created for everyone who wants to dance alongside the sunset and have a good time during the summer,” and that’s definitely what “Horizon” accomplishes.

With five singles already under his belt from 2019 alone, you’re going to want to follow along with Mel Ody as he continues to hone in on his vibrant sound.

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Perfecting drum and bass is a feat that few can master- true rhythm often gets lost in its rapid sound design and speedy cadences. Russian producer Noel challenges that notion with his latest offering, “Rhythm Flow.” Like a steady hand, each note of the track is, ironically, concrete in its fluidity. The track is a percussive anthem that works like a musical drug as the rapid-fire cadence infiltrates the air waves. “Rhythm Flow” is fastened to an anchor of high-energy resonance, drawing a blueprint for what drum and bass should look like. Close your eyes and listen to the wicked vibes of Noel with this righteously untamed cut.



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Hailing from New Castle, UK drum and bass producer Skantia just revealed his appropriately titled Unorthodox EP. Riddled with intense and meticulous sound design, the European producer makes hard style EDM look easy. With extreme dexterity, Skantia’s “Run” consolidates a myriad of sounds into a striking, robust framework that righteously pierces through each transition. A bold bass rivets through the bones of the listener as Skantia harnesses power through dominating frequencies. Taming the wild, “Run” is a staple in the Unorthodox EP. Layering each sound with a refined intensity, Skantia is redefining potent electronic. Ride with us!



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So Insomniac, who I'm sure everyone who's reading this knows who they are, has put together a lil record label through Universal Music's Interscope imprint. Chris Avantgarde has blessed their catalogue with a cold as ice almost drum and bass record in "All Of the Lights." Cinematic, evolving, brooding, futuristic, expansive might be a few adjectives to describe the tune, but quite simply I'm going to go with EPIC. There's a lot of ear candy to enjoy in this tune from the arp melodies and string pads to the haunting vocals. It all comes together to burst into your ears with swirls of decadence. Take a second and dive into a record that I know you're going to enjoy. You can purchase and stream "All Of the Lights" on digital retailers here