Erica Leva


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Almost exactly one month ago, I wrote a piece on Slander's "Superhuman" ft. Eric Leva. Calling it "a testament to the theory of EDM diversity" while taking careful notice of "the inclusion of subtle, yet striking brass instruments [that] defines 'Superhuman' as its own distinct track." One month, and one day later I am pleased to share with our BB friends, the Paperwings remix of Superhuman. L.A-based producers, a twosome, Paperwings stated that their remix, "is something a little chiller than our other songs." A Soundcloud claim that is definite, but ambiguous regarding key details. But, that's what we're here for. The remix is affably outspoken, distinct from the original track, yet remains respectful and mindful of the OG composition. The dimension added by Paperwings is cheeky and bright, bubbly and friendly- more romance. There is a gentleness added to the flip, an audible representation of a smile. The large, spacey bass structures are still present with a film of higher, more rapid frequencies atop. In and of itself, the remix is cinematic and bold. Check out the vibe!