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The world of electronic music is fluid- ever evolving, and broadening its depth. It's so much more than what the outside perspective often labels it as. Sure, sometimes it's perfect for partying, and raves; but often times, it's sound, conscious poetry via both production and lyricism. Based in The City of Angels, Slander just released a track featuring Eric Leva that is a testament to the theory of EDM diversity. "Superhuman" is a track that is bound to get stuck running circles in your head. It's uplifting and catchy while remaining novel. Leva's tender lyrics about "the grand delusion" of love coincide spotlessly with the magnetic production of Slander. The inclusion of subtle, yet striking brass instruments defines Superhuman as its own distinct track. I want to say it's perfect for your summer time Spotify playlist, but the reality is, Superhuman is perfect for any day, any season.