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Almost exactly one month ago, I wrote a piece on Slander's "Superhuman" ft. Eric Leva. Calling it "a testament to the theory of EDM diversity" while taking careful notice of "the inclusion of subtle, yet striking brass instruments [that] defines 'Superhuman' as its own distinct track." One month, and one day later I am pleased to share with our BB friends, the Paperwings remix of Superhuman. L.A-based producers, a twosome, Paperwings stated that their remix, "is something a little chiller than our other songs." A Soundcloud claim that is definite, but ambiguous regarding key details. But, that's what we're here for. The remix is affably outspoken, distinct from the original track, yet remains respectful and mindful of the OG composition. The dimension added by Paperwings is cheeky and bright, bubbly and friendly- more romance. There is a gentleness added to the flip, an audible representation of a smile. The large, spacey bass structures are still present with a film of higher, more rapid frequencies atop. In and of itself, the remix is cinematic and bold. Check out the vibe! 


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The world of electronic music is fluid- ever evolving, and broadening its depth. It's so much more than what the outside perspective often labels it as. Sure, sometimes it's perfect for partying, and raves; but often times, it's sound, conscious poetry via both production and lyricism. Based in The City of Angels, Slander just released a track featuring Eric Leva that is a testament to the theory of EDM diversity. "Superhuman" is a track that is bound to get stuck running circles in your head. It's uplifting and catchy while remaining novel. Leva's tender lyrics about "the grand delusion" of love coincide spotlessly with the magnetic production of Slander. The inclusion of subtle, yet striking brass instruments defines Superhuman as its own distinct track. I want to say it's perfect for your summer time Spotify playlist, but the reality is, Superhuman is perfect for any day, any season. 


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It's Sunday and I kind of feel like I need to get back in bed. This weekend's festivities have wrecked me .... from hosting a show with some ultimate homies and watching the sun come up .... to drinking a german boot stein of mimosa (big enough to hold 2 bottles of champagne) at brunch .... you could say I'm done. But this new Slander & B-Sides remix of "Let Me Love You ft. Justin Bieber" by DJ Snake cannot be passed up! I am a forever Beliber so his vocals on anything is a-ok with me, and Slander ... I mean come on, it's impossible for them to not put out a great track. Hope this helps with everyone's Sunday recovery!  


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Everything about Slander is fucking sexy! Their music, their vibe, their swag .... all sexy. When I saw this track in my inbox I already knew it was sexy. Even the email from their sexy manager was sexy. This Los Angeles duo is tearing it up these days, and this new remix of "Kill It 4 The Kids" by Kill The Noise is .... you guessed it .... fucking sexy! Big drops, deep bass, all the things you need to have a booty shakin' good time! Grab a free download HERE


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Just a few days ago I had the pleasure of finally meeting and hanging with StéLouse - he rolled into town to play a Super Bowl party that he actually ended up not playing - it's a long story! None the less we had a great night with a fancy dinner, told funny stories that made us giggle, and I impressed him with my aggressive female driving + parking!  We even made up a new StéLouse track all DJ Khaled style, and I'm telling you - it's gonna be a hit!  It seems like we've been talking about StéLouse quite a bit these days - because everything he puts down is bananas good, and he even made our Best Of 2015 list!  We just included this Denver producer in our Phase One artist announcement for our SXSW show Get Buzzzed, so this new Buzzzmix Vol. 21 has great timing!  StéLouse kept it short but super sweet - his song selection is so on point with all the future feels - so much fire!  Might even be some unreleased tracks mixed in there ..... oh snap!  And (yes it gets better) he's currently on a US tour that Beautiful Buzzz is supporting with the ultimate homie Prince Fox - and you can check to see if they are hitting your city HERE!  So many things, so much good, so much love! 

1. Losi - Friend
2. Adam K & Slander - Breathe (ARMNHMR X MYRNE Remix)
3. Rustie - Big Catz (Porter Robinson Live Edit)
4. Graves & Tails - Vega
5. Oshi - Oceans
6. Medasin - Silver
7. Rozes - R U MINE (SteLouse Remix)
8. Airwav & Eschway - Quantum
9. SteLouse - 4U
10. Sober Rob & lux.impala - Nativity
11. Sober Rob & MYRNE - Shrine
12. Louis The Child - It’s Strange (Hex Cougar Remix)
13. Porter Robinson - Sad Machine
14. ID
15. Steve James - Renaissance (Kid Remix)
16 ID


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Dude - every 10 minutes I am being handed another awesome track that has dropped today - I feel like it's Friday, or like how release day Tuesday used to be! This new collab between Adam K & Slander is on point.  This has all kinds of awesome big sounds that we love from Slander - that "Heaven Trap" feel that they have so brilliantly perfected .... ugh it's so so so good!  The airy vocals on this one crush!  Slander is hitting the road soon on their Breathe Tour, and I think I'll definitely be chillin with these legends in SF! You can check out tour dates HERE!  Get into this one kids - grab a free download HERE


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I think the world is beginning to catch on to my fan girl crush on NGHTMRE -- seems like I can't stop talking about him lately.  Rightly so, this Los Angeles babe has me feeling some kind of way with his bass heavy beats ... how can a girl resist? Now he's teamed up with his homies Slander to drop this new remix of "Red Lips" by GTA, and it's bananas good! It sounds HUGE from the get-go; definitely for the more intense music lover, no poolside vibes or sax solos here!  This is pure energy with intense builds and sexy deep drops .... yummy!! Grab this track as a free download HERE


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Today has been such a great day for music - I have so much to talk about and so little time! This new one from Slander however is kinda fire and must be listened to immediately!They'll be releasing a new EP titled Duality and "Love Again ft. Wavz" is the first single and our first look at these Los Angeles legends new Heaven Trap solo tracks which they have been working on all summer! It's good .... it's real good!! They are bending the boundaries of the trap sound into something all their own! Grab a free download HERE