Etienne De Crecy


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Sigh .... All the awesome vibes right here - it's just what the doctor ordered for a mid week pick-me-up! Los Angeles electro-pop duo Ardency have delivered a fantastic mix for our next installment in the Buzzzmix series. They are all shiny and new, just starting to open their eyes and stretch their wings into this big scary world ... and with this mix they are telling us everything is gonna be just fine! They have selected perfectly chill tracks that have us floating through the daily obstacles with ease ... I suddenly have 0 cares in the world and I'm left with all the warm and fuzzy feels! We've been loving everything Ardency has been putting into the world lately, and you should too! You can grab Buzzzmix Vol. 26 as a free download HERE

Jill Baylon - Fine (prod. Patrick Zappia)
Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill
Ardency - Crystals (feat. Icelandia)
Etienne de Crécy - You (with Madeline Follin)
Regina - Haluan Sinut (Kisses Remix)
WRLD x Father Dude - Galaxies (Ardency Remix)
Candyland - Bring The Rain (Brown & Gammon Remix)
Louis The Child - It’s Strange (Ardency Remix)
Ardency - Like That
Bee’s Knees - Love Will Never Do (Janet Jackson Cover) Feat. Scavenger Hunt
Louis Vivet - ID
Ardency - Outlines


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Forget the ground! This heater by our homie Bit Funk has us flying higher than a Snoop Dogg recording sesh on 420! Bit Funk is well known for giving us the freshest disco, soul filled, gold plated house tracks that have been absolutely lighting up the dance scene. He's done it again my friends! Leading us in with dreamy piano, Shae Jacob's vocals kick in immediately sparking a smile taking us to the fire funky beats we've come to expect from every Bit Funk tune. Hey Los Angeles!! As excited as I am about this new gem, I'm also equally pumped to see Bit Funk come to town tomorrow night for our Take 2 Entertainment show at Sound Nightclub in Hollywood. Alongside Etienne De Crecy, our homies Templeton and Curt Reynolds this show is gonna get rowdy! Get tickets here!