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Awwww what's up fam! Remember what happened last time we brought SteLouse to Audio in San Francisco? Complete debauchery and utter chaos -- and prolly the most fun we've had all year! I've never seen that room lit up like that ... such fire! We're so ready to do it all again, and this time we are adding the homies TastyTreat along with newcomer and bay area native BKAYE.  Tickets just went on sale today, so swoop yours now to guarantee yourself entry - cos last time we sold out and the line to get in was down the block! HAM! 


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I am just needing a little normalcy in my day RN - because today has put me through the ringer. Canceled meetings after driving an hour to take them, car getting towed to only spend far too much money to get it out of impound, the stress of this upcoming show date that is driving me mad, and holding the golden box of the answers to life without the key ... that's my day! Normal - what's normal for me .... my little angel sent straight from heaven Prince Fox ... that's what's normal! You all have watched the relationship between BB and this NY producer grow over the past year - from hosting his debut show in SF to him now referring to me his wife - it's all very beautiful and lovely and he's my family ... it's lit! So on days like today, I turn to his tracks to give me a sense of relief and to remind me that with people like him in my life, who love me like he does, things can't be as bad as they seem! And .... with that I give you this delicious new Adam York remix of "I Don't Wanna Love You" by Prince Fox! Yea .... who's Adam York?  Wouldn't you like to know!! More on him very very soon!  


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So, sometimes I wake up and sit at my computer waiting for certain tracks to go live, because I am so excited to put it out into the Beautiful Buzzz world!  This new Louis The Child is one of those kinda tracks ... and I've just been waiting and waiting all morning!  I hit up management even, anxious and impatient to get this bananas good remix of "Blase" by Ty Dolla $ign up!  Our boys do it again and flip this track with their deep future sound for ultimate auditory pleasure! Louis The Child also got that Coachella fire if you missed seeing Monday's announcement!  Y'all .... this is everything! Keep a look out for a new EP to drop in the spring as well! Hold on to your undies cos this Chicago duo is gonna crush 2016!  Sup fam!   


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As if we could ever pass on posting anything and everything from our little ray of sunshine SNBRN - I mean for real!  Los Angeles producer has grabbed 2015 by the balls ... and we love it!! Each track he's dropped has been fire, and this new remix of "Jitter" by Grace Mitchell is keeping us nice and warm on this rainy NorCal winter day! SNBRN keeps this steady deep house vibe going that causes a frenzy on the dance floor, you can't help but to shake your ass!! Grab this one as a free download HERE