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Polishing off my work week with an unsuspecting, yet magical collaboration. Vindata, Skrillex, and NSTASIA just teamed up to drop their single, "Favor." The track combines three artists who excel in their respective genres. Skrillex, who is noted as a legendary heavy-bass producer slowed things down a bit on "Favor." The track yields high-frequency hype aromas, sewn together with throaty, passionate, R&B vocals. It is both soothing, and moving with it's pleasantly contradicting production. The track's drops are unique in that instead of dropping down, and deep, they rise with effervescence. Above all, in the simplest terms, the track is pretty- it has a glowing resonance, with an approachable energy, yet remains distinctly original. The three parties involved are blazing trails in their solo careers, but have proved that genre's are not concrete, and seemingly unusual collaboration is nothing short of novel. Stream it on Spotify

"This song is really special to us. we've admired and respected Skrillex since the first time we heard Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. He became our homie over these last few years and helped us realize our full potential and endless possibilities. This collab along with NSTASIA was just meant to be. we're truly grateful to be able to share this with you. Peace." -Vindata