Fuck Cancer


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"Hey Now! C'mon Now!" The Pegboard Nerds cap off their Pink Cloud EP with this energetic final new tune "Emoji." In classic PN fashion you're gonna get plenty of bass with this one, but wrapped up in some spritely explosive melody and vocals. The Nerds are set to release the Pink Cloud EP on October 23rd, and all proceeds from the EP and merch sales in October are going to help support the cancer fighting organization Fuck Cancer. I love it when artists use their creative expression toward a good cause, and this is a total win-win for everyone. Join in this final push to get some good music and help fight a terrible disease. I'm in #PinkCloud! Get more details on their website


Music, Original MixEricComment

Well this is fun! Not only has the Pegboard Nerds given us a jolly new pop-centric tune entitled Pink Cloud featuring Max Collins from Eve6, but they've paired it up with a #PinkCloud campaign that everyone can get on "board" with! Ok bad jokes aside, the Nerds have committed to donating all October proceeds of their Pink Cloud EP and merchandise to the non-profit foundation Fuck Cancer. Ok so it's October, pink is all over the place and If you've been on the fence about donating to help support some sort of cancer organization, well now you can do it and get some awesome music at the same time! Find out more at their website