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Well .... look at this .... I am beyond thrilled to announce this next show.  For years we've been wild about this young man right here ... his funky disco dance vibes are pretty much the best thing in life. Now, we're bringing Touch Sensitive back to the bay to debut his LIVE set on June 22 at Mezzanine! Not only is this going to be the greatest dance party of the year, it's also kicking off Pride Weekend .... so grab your rainbow flags and disco balls and come out for the time of your lives!  Tickets go on sale this Friday April 6 at 10am! Don't sleep on this! 



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Every time I listen to this track, I fall deeper in love with this up-and-coming producer .... it's fire! PLUKO is not new to the BB pages, but recently he had to do a wee name change.  Remember that youngster PLUTO we raved about HERE .... same guy except a pupper from Disney was sweatn' him so now we have PLUKO and there it is! His flip of "NUMB ft. Graace" by our love Hayden James is delicious, I'm totally swooning! This one is out now via Future Classic and you can swoop that download HERE, and catch him on tour with ODESZA over the next few weeks. 



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I don't know about you guys, but TCTS makes me swoon six ways from Sunday! For years I have loved everything this UK artist has put into the world, and have been waiting for him to come to the states for what seems like an eternity. He reminds me of why I fell in love with electronic music .... with his hard hitting rhythms and intense dance beats over salacious groove!  SWOON! This new TCTS remix of "Mistakes ft. Tkay Maidza" by Basenji is fire x 10! I've had it on repeat for an hour.  Out now via Future Classic ..... get yours!   



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Whenever Touch Sensitive releases a new track - you know it's going to be a party! The love I have for this brilliant musician is unlike no other - he is part of a very small group of disco legends that inspired me to start all this Beautiful Buzzz madness, and even tho we are amazing friends, I still nerd out over his fresh jams. His new track drops with the announcement of a US tour, which is very exciting considering it's been almost 2 years since his last time over here! "Lay Down" - out now via Future Classic - is everything we love about Touch Sensitive - a funky disco electro gem with that deep 4 on the floor groove and all the booty shaking vibes .... no one does it like Touch! Peep his tour dates HERE and you can stream/download this bad boy HERE!


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In Baseball terms, a heater is described as the fastest pitch that a pitcher has to offer. A fastball so fast that the batter cannot catch up, it is a heater. Flume has just released “Heater” and we were definitely blown away at how good  this song is. We cannot keep up with it, it is way too fast, we have to put it on replay just so that we know what epicness we just listened to. This is definitely Flume’s best pitch he has to offer right now and I would not be surprised if “Heater" climbs up the charts just as fast as this song hit us. The bass is so heavy and the synth waves are so distinct that you cannot help but turn your head to catch your breath as the “Heater” is upon you taking your breath away. Flume, you are now officially our Ace in the Hole, our MVP, “Heater” is striking us as the next great track and all we can do is congratulate Flume for this epic home run of a song. Step up to the plate if you dare and listen to “Heater” by Flume.



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It's not every day I get handed tickets to give away for an artist like Flume - but today is everyone's lucky day because yo .... I got'em! Flume is taking over San Francisco for three nights starting this Thursday -- Friday and Saturday shows have been impossible to get into for months!  However, there are very limited tix left for Thursday night September 22 - and that's the date we'll be rolling in.  Enter to win your pair of tickets for Thursday by filling out the form below. If you don't want to take your chances - you can still swoop advance tickets HERE which I am sure will be sold out in the next day or so .... don't miss out. Get involved! Weekends start on Thursday night, right?

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Usually I get pretty bummed out when I have to get up this early just to find time to blog because my day is so packed. However, seeing this track in today's early AM hours makes waking up before the sun all worth it! Australian legends Ta-Ku and Wafia have joined forces to produce "Love Somebody" - a perfect electro pop track filled with deep soulful vibes ... I'm swooning! This one drops August 3 worldwide ahead of the (m)edian EP release on August 5 via our homies at Future Classic. Also - Ta-Ku and Wafia will be in the US for a number of dates this fall - see if they are hitting your city HERE! Listen and love!  


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We've all been waiting a minute for some new Hayden James - and finally today the complete track is live on Soundcloud! "Just A Lover" is Hayden at this finest - that sexy smooth dance sound we've grown to love from this Aussie legend is back in full force. Swoon! He's in high demand these days - we've been trying to confirm him on a number of our shows but so many festival radius's have their teeth into him it seems..... kinda frustrating, but soon enough he'll be back our dancefloors with all the vibes! This track is out now via Future Classic, and you can swoop this from iTunes HERE


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It's hard to know that to say when you talk about a remix of this nature! When you take two artist like Flume and Disclosure, the possibilities are endless! A few years back Flume remixed "You & Me" by Disclosure that we went bananas over, and now Disclosure is returning the favor. So basically what happened here is Disclosure took "Never Be Like You" by Flume and turned it into a Disclosure song.  This will go one of two ways, you are going to love this or hate it! You be the judge!