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Taking the cadence of modern hip-hop and blending a sensual, feminine prowess into its roots, VenessaMichaels and Holly just teamed up to drop the week's freshest track. "Real One" features Bronx-born experimental MC, Outlaw the Artist and female vocalist, Effy. Combining rhythm and blues with down-tempo, avant-garde production, "Real One" is punctuated by urban influences and unfettered steeze. The girl power is poignant in this piece, as it radiates a coolness only manifested from the creative energies of female collaboration. Outlaw the Artist rounds out the track while he spits buttery bars over the sensually chopped production. "Real One" is an element of its own- chrome, fluid, and atmospheric with a complete sense of identity. Smoky and chic, this is a piece you don't want to miss, catch us bumpin' this all weekend.

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Bred in the live music capital of the world, Bronze Whale of Austin, TX has solidified their come-up in recent months with their future synth aromas, and formidable chemistry. The duo's artistic vision is restless, ever-expanding. Their latest unveiling, "High" combines electrifying waves of synth production with brooding hip-hop verses from a second Austin duo, 5-D. With a rounded out synergy, "High" is a lightening-in-a-bottle track with a cosmic resonance that expands BW's musical reach and highlights the depth of their dexterity. Drawing inspiration from their city, the track echoes with individuality giving birth to a new-age sound of dance music and rap. "High" is rich in energy- an atmospheric expulsion of colorful, audible waves booming with syrupy production and finely tuned bars. Volume up.

Disclosure: Bronze Whale is managed by Beautiful Buzzz writer Lindsey Oh



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LA-based artist management group, TH3RD BRAIN houses relations for artists like ZHU, Krewella, and Gallant- noteworthy acts to say the least. But, the collective brakes for musicians who are still on the come up as well. TH3RD BRAIN's latest addition is Thutmose, the Nigerian-born, NYC-living hustler who is blazing trails for the entire community of not only hip-hop, but the world of art entirely. His latest track, "Blame" is a bump that is platinum-worthy- capitalizing on a mainstream, hip-hop cadence while remaining novel and distinct. Combining production fit for the world of dance music, and seductive, rhythmic rhymes, "Blame" chews you up and spits you out, fiercely. His presence is dominating, and certain. The world of rap goes to the beat of its own drum, as high-profile rappers are redefining it's aesthetic and sound every moment, of every day. But leaving a legacy in that community is challenging. Thutmose, on the other hand, is humbly taking the throne as one of the best young rappers in the game right now. He uses bold production, and delivers lines clearly, and consciously. "Blame" is only a stepping stone in what will be a long career for the rapper- watch this space. 


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Ring! Ring! Pick up the phone! You're next audible delight is calling. You gotta peep this tight new future hip hop remix of Young Thug and Travis Scott from LA's FIXYN. This track grooves with all sorts of ooey gooey vibey bassy goodness. The bell synths bob the track forward as the dance drop hits with phone rings, cascading chirpy synths and deep sub. This record has a certain charm to it while still being beastly and hype. I'm smiling as I'm doing this review and I think you will too. Grab this as a free DL right here