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So since I’m the writer who hardly ever actually writes, today I felt like I should stop being a lazy POS and share some tunes! My first for today comes in the from of a remix of Australian dance party dons Human Movement with the groovy soulful voicings of Eliot Porter. The remixer is Loosid, who I first found through his remix of San Holo’s incredible smash hit “Light”, and in my opinion it’s one of the best remixes of the track, if not the best. 

“Right Thang” is a bouncey house tune with mad nu-disco vibes. The Human Movement lads killed it on this one which is hella infectious and the kind of track that gets even those friends who don’t really dance to get a little wild on the dancefloor. Loosid introduces hints of bass vibes with some fat chords, deep percussion and a gorgeous soaring lead synth line to spice it up and give it some of that future pop edge. But what makes it one notch better the rest of the 29352701 future bass remixes of house tracks on Soundcloud is those super 80’s drum hits which bring in a little taste of nostalgia and elevate this one to “must listen” status. 


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Remember back when I started BB and I would talk about how cool Poolside was and how they were influencing the music I was listening too?  I was such a nerdy fangirl back then!  It still makes me smile when I think about how much I loved being part of (at the time) that up-and-coming LA disco sound .... and years later I we've become such the homies! Two amazing things to bring you about Poolside: First, after a year away they are finally back with a new mixtape that you can download HERE!  It's packed full of that daytime disco flavor only Poolside can provide! Second, tomorrow night they are going to rage a DJ Set at Mezzanine in San Francisco! Guys, this is going to be bananas! I hear tickets are almost gone so, better swoop them up ASAP! See you there!