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Benji Lewis has been captivating hearts and minds for over a year. His drifting vocals and lush production tug at the heart strings, and his latest single is no exception. “Away” was produced by close collaborator Golden Vessel and their artistic synchronicity shines as they feed off one another’s glow. Another dreamy triumph for Benji, “Away” is an atmospheric indie gem outlined with golden hues. Boasting a resonance that feels almost holy, Benji Lewis continues to capitalize on his already impressive catalog.



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The man is back with another melodic masterpiece. The Mansoor that is. Axel Mansoor, the talented singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist known for his flawless falsetto, catchy lyrical cadence, and glistening guitar licks just dropped his second single of 2019. The track, entitled simply “Busy”, is a chill pop record with sweet synths, sparkly guitar lines, and a message about being so caught up in the constant millennial-grind for success that the important people and things in life fall by the wayside. It’s not quite summer yet, but this tune is getting me primed for chill hangs in the backyard or at the beach. Definitely going on the daytime jams playlist! Go peep!

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Disclosure: Axel Mansoor is managed by Beautiful Buzzz contributor Mike Doose


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“Better Apart” by Jai Wolf ft. Dresage is the fifth single from his forthcoming debut album The Cure to Loneliness. So far, his past singles have showed him evolving as an artist, while heading more towards an alternative-indie style sound. In this single, he enlists Dresage for another high-energy, feel-good hit. Her light and airy vocals are backed behind classic and ethereal Jai Wolf production.

This release marks the final single before The Cure to Loneliness. This album is his chance to shine amongst his other Foreign Family Collective label-mates as he progresses further away from just being the artist behind “Indian Summer.” I can’t wait to hear what he has in store!

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LA-based musical visionary, Crywolf just released his album widow [OBLIVIØN Pt. I ]. The 16-track effort is a stunning feat, doused in emotion and artistic dexterity. Strategically placed in the story that is widow [OBLIVIØN Pt. I ] his single, “Fawn” is a chilling endeavor. The echoing sounds of a vast cathedral oscillate a bare bones guitar riff as his crystallized vocals leave a haunting pigment on the outline. The multi-instrumentalist summons a looming energy on “Fawn” leaving listeners deeply entranced- stoned in a peculiar charm. Explore the otherworldly sounds of of “Fawn” and widow [OBLIVIØN Pt. I ] today.

Disclaimer: Crywolf is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz staff writer Kelsey James

Disclaimer: Crywolf is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz staff writer Kelsey James


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Slow Magic is a master at creating fluttery and infectious rhythms over pounding beats. His discography reflects this, with hits such as “Girls” and “Waited 4 U.” Last night, he kicked off his tour with a brand new live set-up. To celebrate such a monumental occasion, he dropped his remix of Manila Killa’s “Wake Up Call.” I stumbled upon the remix totally by accident as I was deep into a Spotify search, and how pleasantly surprised I was! “Wake Up Call” is the second track on Manila Killa’s recently released album titled 1993.

Slow Magic’s tour is running now through May 4, stopping in major cities such as Orlando, Boulder, Las Vegas and more. To see a complete list of the cities he’s stopping in or to purchase tickets to a show, click here.

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Los Angeles-based singer songwriter Axel Mansoor has blessed fans with a beautifully melodic single, “The Other Side.” Born in the spaces between depression and drive, this darling single casts a rhythmic ebb and flow that pulls at the heart strings of its listener. His distinguished charm and allure brings a sense of warmth to each track he touches. Using mental health as a focal point, “The Other Side” brings waves of emotions to life while his signature vocals and vibrant strings collide effortlessly. Axel Mansoor- we’re listening.



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Intoxicating like a cabernet by a warm winter fire, Benji Lewis’ latest release is a river of emotions and intellect. “Ride” is a blanket of feelings, a swim through a vast stream of intoxicating sounds, an effervescent plane of both pleasure and pain. His moving take on alternative resonance is sincere, possessive, moving. Almost impossible to articulate, Benji Lewis blends his medicinal vocal powers with Lincoln Jesser’s feathery production. An indescribable truth radiates from “Ride,” slowing the world around you, awakening your truest self. Lose yourself in this hazy labyrinth defined only by Benji Lewis.



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From the first 10 seconds of URCHN’s debut single “Composure” I was instantly hooked. Soft muted guitar plucks that drive with a sense of urgency. A nervous percussive shaker sound. A brief flutter that reminds me of a baby dinosaur. My early impression was that I was listening to something I hadn’t quite heard before, and it only gets better as the song continues. Making his debut via Casablanca Sunset, URCHN is the solo project of the Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and producer Max Greenhalgh. Max is also notably recognized for his work as the front man in the indie pop act Inspired & The Sleep amongst other projects and musical outlets. Cinematic in feel, with thought-provoking lyrics sung in a haunting half-falsetto, URCHN quickly weaves a web of contemplative discomfort on “Composure”. The thoughtful blend of organic and electronic sonic elements, syncopated rhythms, and vocal affectation come together to make this track one of the most compelling debuts of 2018 thus far.



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Master of vintage vibes and soulful swag, the one and only Tim Atlas is back with a new tune just as he prepares to embark on his All Talk! Summer Tour, and we’re excited to have the honor of premiering it for you today on this lovely New Music Friday. 

Clocking in at just under three minutes, “Counterfeit” is a short and sweet slice of classic Tim Atlas grooviness. Replete with a sassy bass line, plenty of cowbell, sexy synths, and cheeky gang vocals for good measure—it’s a bouncy toe tapper that’ll have you moving without even realizing it. Tim’s soft and subdued vocals glide above the 80’s rock drums, nostalgic synths and jazzy guitar and bass licks. Like most of Atlas’ music, it transports you back to an earlier era while maintaining an air of contemporary electro-funk of which the likes of Chromeo or Cherub would likely be fans. 

Speaking about the track, Tim said:
"We're all guilty of indulging in something when we know we shouldn’t. But we do it anyway because we’re human and we often choose that feeling over what actually makes sense."

Catch Tim Atlas on tour in a city near you
JUN 17 Bottom Of the Hill - San Francisco, CA
JUN 20 The Peppermint Club - Los Angeles, CA
JUN 21 Beat Kitchen - Chicago, IL
JUN 23 The Barbary - Philadelphia, PA
JUN 27 Rockwood Music Hall - New York, NY
JUN 29 Middle East - Cambridge, MA