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I couldn't possibly start out 2018 without posting something from the Moving Castle world ... we love them more than some of our favorite things .... like tacos, or mouth kissing .... we love them that much! This yung producer is making all sorts of moves for the new year, such as relocating to LA to focus on making music, as well as dropping this viby new remix of "The World Is Ours" by Jai Wolf. Also, as if you didn't know ... Moving Castle is throwing a mini festi in LA - the first Moving Castle World with a huge list of all stars, including our main man KWON. For more information on that event and to swoop tickets - go HERE



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Nothing like a perfect, musical collaboration to ease a 101 fever on a Monday. NYC-based producer, Jai Wolf, just passed his track "Starlight" onto Goldroom for a remix. Goldroom, an LA man of "shuffling feet and melting souls," just gave the single a dreamy, ethereal treatment. The flip is introduced to listeners with a near-ominous foreward, combining tunnel vision sounds and a glowing reverb. The down tempo, kick-drum build up later drops into a dominating, bouncy production. The entirety of the song is ambient, but never sleepy. It flickers with warm lyricism, while musically capturing its psalm, "drifting through a memory, wake up in your crystal sky." It's a starry eyed remix- soft, charming, and saccharine. The chemistry that links the two artists is apparent with this track, defining that rare synergy between two producers. Get spacey with Goldroom's remix of Starlight on Spotify

"I've been listening to a lot of weird drugged out house music in the deep corners of YouTube and I wanted to turn this remix into a bit of a weird romantic desert trip." -Goldroom


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So .... the 80's new wave vibe coming off this new Jai Wolf track is everything! It must have been an amazing time to be alive in the early 80's, when new wave was breaking and the youth were feeling sad and expressing themselves through synths! "Starlight" is the latest from our young Moving Castle hero, and the one thing I have always admired about Jai Wolf is that he's not afraid to use the sounds and vibes that he loves. There is a ton of beauty and feeling here, allowing us to think about what we are hearing and not just throwing trap arms (even tho I love to throw some trap arms). Jai Wolf had me at day one, and "Starlight" is just another shining example of his brilliance. Swoop this one HERE!


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Watching this young producer rise over the past two years has been nothing short of amazing! I've gone (as a buyer) from twisting people's arms to book him on shows, to not being able to get him on my own shows because all the corporate entertainment companies that leverage festival plays or can buy 30 dates all at once have their hooks into him! As long as Jai Wolf keeps making bad ass tracks, I won't be too mad about it ... and I can always do the after party! I also have the street cred for being at  the forefront of his evolution .... and he's only getting bigger! "Like It's Over ft. MNDR" will be featured on Jai Wolf's debut EP Kindred Spirits and will be out on November 18th! Bananas good!  


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Watching Jai Wolf raise to success has been such a pleasure! 2 years ago I was begging the festivals and promotions companies I was buying for to put Jai Wolf on shows - and some followed my lead while others passed! Now he's selling out big rooms across the US! So awesome! This week our homie dropped his next highly anticipated original track "Drive ft. Chain Gang of 1974" and we are swooning! Both artists have played BB shows in the past, so this pairing makes us very happy! Kamtin's vocals resonate with eerie beauty among swirly melodies and future feels - Jai Wolf nailed it once again! This one comes to us via Foreign Family Collective and you can swoop it from iTunes HERE


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Nothing makes us happier than to see young Melvv making big moves - so BB has decided to get behind our homie and support his upcoming spring tour! Over the past year this teenage bedroom producer has been crushing the game, and watching him do so have been so much fun! Melvv is hitting the road with Big Gigantic and Jai Wolf over the next few weeks! Check the schedule to see if Melvv is coming to your city, and grab them tickets!   


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I only have 5 seconds to talk about this new Jai Wolf remix - he totally slayed this flip of "Feels" by Kiiara with layers of dreamy future sounds that only Jai Wolf can produce! We knew this legend was going to be huge, and this past year he's slayed all things - and now he's selling out tour dates across the country! Rad!  


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The next Buzzzmix has arrived, and this one is pretty special!  When me met Melvv last year, he was talking about going to his senior prom, graduating high-school, and starting to make waves with his original tracks and remixes on the interweb.  When we did a very last minute premiere of his incredible remix of "Midnight Moon" by Oh Wonder (which is included in this Buzzzmix) - I knew Melvv was something special -- so I started telling everyone I knew about this teenage bedroom producer who I believed was going to do great things!  Almost a year later and over one million plays on that remix alone - Melvv is moving into the next phase of greatness - fancy management, fancy agent, and playing dates with the likes of Louis The Child, Autograf, Trippy Turtle, Jai Wolf plus some big things we can't talk about just yet!  WOW!  We have that ultimate feels kind of  bond with Melvv now, and his place in the BB fam will always be held with highest regard .... we love him V much!  You can grab a free download of Buzzzmix Vol. 20 HERE

Sombear - Love You in the Dark (Melvv Remix)
Trippy Turtle - Trippy’s Theme
Alina Baraz & Galimatias - Pretty Thoughts (FKJ Remix)
Just A Gent - Fortaque Mister
Tweeks - Rave Land
Mura Masa - Cloud Claps
Nguzunguzu - Skycell
Pascaal - Drowning in You
Pomo - Vibrator
Sinjin Hawke - Crystal Dust
Drippin - Air Jordans
ODESZA - Say My Name (Dub Scout Remix)
Oh Wonder - Midnight Moon (Melvv Remix)
Rustie - Big Catzzz
Cashmere Cat - Wedding Bells
Sophia Black - Vibration
Basenji - Speak With A Dofflin
Mura Masa - Lovesick Fuck
Louis the Child ft. K.Flay - It’s Strange
Louis the Child ft. K.Flay - It’s Strange (Melvv Remix)
Majid Jordan - Her
ODESZA - White Lies (feat. Jenni Potts)
Disclosure - Magnets (feat. Lorde)
Zella Day - Sweet Ophelia (Marian Hill Remix)
Lana Del Rey - National Anthem (Cashmere Cat Remix)
Jai Wolf - Indian Summer
Porter Robinson - Flicker (Mat Zo Remix)
Darius & FKJ - O
Beyonce - Irreplaceable (Lindsay Lowend Remix)
Chrome Sparks - Marijuana
Feverkin - Coiled Corner (ft. Bijou)
Alina Baraz & Galimatias - Drift
Marian Hill - Whisky
SYRE - Bassline
Lido & Halsey - Slow  


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One thing I have always said is that I am definitely not a music journalist!  Beautiful Buzzz was created as an outlet where I can tell my friends about all the great music I come across - and over the past few years we've grown into a fun place where people can find new tracks and listen to my stories! This Best Of 2015 list is personal; it's a combination of tracks I loved and great moments I had working with the artists over the past year - whether it was through the blog, at one of my Beautiful Buzzz shows, or just a night out on the town!!  Enjoy!!    

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