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Nothing like a perfect, musical collaboration to ease a 101 fever on a Monday. NYC-based producer, Jai Wolf, just passed his track "Starlight" onto Goldroom for a remix. Goldroom, an LA man of "shuffling feet and melting souls," just gave the single a dreamy, ethereal treatment. The flip is introduced to listeners with a near-ominous foreward, combining tunnel vision sounds and a glowing reverb. The down tempo, kick-drum build up later drops into a dominating, bouncy production. The entirety of the song is ambient, but never sleepy. It flickers with warm lyricism, while musically capturing its psalm, "drifting through a memory, wake up in your crystal sky." It's a starry eyed remix- soft, charming, and saccharine. The chemistry that links the two artists is apparent with this track, defining that rare synergy between two producers. Get spacey with Goldroom's remix of Starlight on Spotify

"I've been listening to a lot of weird drugged out house music in the deep corners of YouTube and I wanted to turn this remix into a bit of a weird romantic desert trip." -Goldroom