Janelle Kroll


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With beautiful, sweltering weather FINALLY reaching us, there's no better way to make the most of it than by pairing it with music that makes us feel good. Thankfully we were sent this new piece of gold from Counter Records-signed artist Daktyl. "Oscillate" features the sweet, modulated vocals of singer/songwriter Janelle Kroll that fall right into place with Daktyl's easy-going  production. Pulling from several genres for this one- future, funk and indie, the combination of elements from the 3 results in what I'd like to call a superb recipe for greatness. Just take a listen and you'll know exactly what I mean.  

Disclaimer: Daktyl is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz Staff Member Alli Lindsey



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Janelle Kroll has been crushing it lately. "Barricade" was a really cool tune with such an infectious wave of a melody on the lyric "Barricade" that just makes you smile. So I was pretty excited when I got sent another Tyzo Bloom remix of Janelle ripe for our ears. This remix starts rather ethereal with child like bells and piano whisking us away as we're launched into the familiar tropical marimba tones on top of bobbing sub. Tyzo makes ample use of vocal warps throughout the remix that sound not too distant from whistles. The original was light, even jovial and Tyzo has simply enhanced those feelings while making us feel warm inside.


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Good morning Los Angeles! I'm back in this beautiful city for the weekend attending my brother's wedding reception. Even tho I am focusing on family time - it's Friday which means I have a pile of new releases that need to be listened to and sorted out! Lucky for you, this next premiere is a delicious new Tyzo Bloom remix of "24 HRS" by Janelle Kroll. This yung Los Angeles producer may be just starting to find his way into our little community of electronic music makers, but he's showing us he's here to play ball. His sweet melodic tones mixed with future beats are delicious - and of course Janelle Kroll is simply amazing! Swooning!  


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I've got a fun one for you right here. If you haven't heard of this up-and-coming singer Janelle Kroll then we're excited to give you the drop on this one. Her debut 'Outsider EP' had considerable blog support and kicked this train into action. "FVR" is one of my favorites from the EP so I was definitely intrigued when her camp sent over this Gunn remix. The track starts perky with light synthwork that evolves into a bumping bass line. The first verse rolls through with Janelle's vocals coaxing us into a explosion of synthwork that flows up and down in the chorus. "While the original is fairly laid back, I felt that Janelle's vocals had an anthemic quality to them which could be brought out with expansive, punchy production. I used layered instrumentation in the build to create an epic feel that gradually builds tension, leading to a driving, explosive payoff underpinned by a simple yet effective riff that maintains its energy all the way to the end of the track." -Gunn I definitely didn't expect to hear where this tracks goes and I'll think you'll be surprised too.

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