Kill Paris


Music, Original MixSara NatkinsComment

Funky and incredibly catchy, “Played Out” has the makings of a versatile classic. Kill Paris’s groovy synths fused with power guitar riffs are guaranteed to have listeners snapping their fingers while tapping their toes to the addictive percussion he’s also cooked up. Dutch Robinson’s vocal addition is absolutely killer, as his soulful voice will easily be stuck in listeners heads for days to come. 



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Making massive waves in the electronic music industry, LA’s own Madnap returns with a remix of Kill Paris’ “Red Lights” featuring Dotter.  A creator with a deep sense of wanderlust, Madnap has performed in cities by the likes of NYC, Chicago, and even London, England. As his global influence continues to unfold, his dexterity follows the same pattern. Fluid and versatile, this particular flip is an echoing chamber of textured production, consciously rewiring KP’s original mix. Radiating walls of synth drip with swagger, puncturing the OG mix with a revitalizing energy. Robust and memorable, this “Red Lights” remix is one of his finest flips to date. Kick off your week by exploring this righteously maddening labyrinth of sounds.



PREMIERE, MusicMike DooseComment

When Kill Paris reached out to us a few weeks back asking if we could premiere this new gem, we were all very stoked, especially because he said that Beautiful Buzzz is his favorite music blog! We love you too Corey :) 

“Out of the Dark”, the latest release from KP’s Sexy Electric label, is a gorgeous dynamic mood-lifter of an electronic track. It begins with relaxed piano and ethereal modulated vocals and quickly develops into a more energetic section rife with beautiful melodies and killer drum beats. The remainder of the track continues the interplay between the relaxed chill sections and the more brightly colored sections where the lively energy lies. It’s almost as if you’re falling in and out of a dream state where your mood instantly shifts from calm to excited, and back to calm again.

Kill Paris shared a few words about the track with us:

“I found myself in a moment of bewilderment with the world. In that moment, I felt an intuitional energy arise that said: no matter what’s going on in the world, good or bad, we have the power to transmute and transform anything. It’s one of those reminders that you’re connected to in the moment of blissful inspiration, but after the magic is gone, it disappears. This song is an audible reminder, that we all possess this power. I hope it helps people get themselves out of the dark.”

Stream it on Spotify below and don't forget to save it and make sure you're following him for future releases!



Music, Original MixMike DooseComment

This is just a straight jam. So glad Kill Paris is back with more music, and I might even wager to say that this is his best single yet. I've been listening to it on repeat. Lowly Palace (the label for this release) has got a good thing going. Dotter's catchy songwriting and sanguine vocals are interesting enough to shine in their own right and not just blend in with the production, as often happens with so many dance music top line vocalists. "F*cking with my head in the red lights baby..." She's just so good.

And the production is of course where the track truly shines. It's just a perfect example top-notch, dynamic, emotion-inducing dance music production: synths that wreak of dance floor euphoria. I could even see this is used in a futuristic sci-fi film or TV soundtrack. I've listened to this track at least 5 times while writing this post, and I still don't want to stop. Spotify should take note and include more tracks like this in New Music Friday instead of giving the spotlight to "artists" like Bhad Babie (read: Cash Me Outside girl).



Music, RemixErin MaherComment

One of my favorite young producers right now is this kid DNMO from the UK. For being a mere 15 years young, he's already proving he has what it takes to sit at the adult table. His new remix of "Junkie ft. Nevve & Monstre" by Kill Paris has so many yummy future pop feels that hit's hard in all the right places. Perfect for throwing some trap arms! DNMO is going to have a ton of mew music coming out in the weeks to come, and we'll be here to watch his rise to greatness! You guys can grab a free download HERE