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When Kill Paris reached out to us a few weeks back asking if we could premiere this new gem, we were all very stoked, especially because he said that Beautiful Buzzz is his favorite music blog! We love you too Corey :) 

“Out of the Dark”, the latest release from KP’s Sexy Electric label, is a gorgeous dynamic mood-lifter of an electronic track. It begins with relaxed piano and ethereal modulated vocals and quickly develops into a more energetic section rife with beautiful melodies and killer drum beats. The remainder of the track continues the interplay between the relaxed chill sections and the more brightly colored sections where the lively energy lies. It’s almost as if you’re falling in and out of a dream state where your mood instantly shifts from calm to excited, and back to calm again.

Kill Paris shared a few words about the track with us:

“I found myself in a moment of bewilderment with the world. In that moment, I felt an intuitional energy arise that said: no matter what’s going on in the world, good or bad, we have the power to transmute and transform anything. It’s one of those reminders that you’re connected to in the moment of blissful inspiration, but after the magic is gone, it disappears. This song is an audible reminder, that we all possess this power. I hope it helps people get themselves out of the dark.”

Stream it on Spotify below and don't forget to save it and make sure you're following him for future releases!