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Giving fans the third and final look into their forthcoming debut EP, LMBO blends darkness and light with their latest single, “Netter Bot.” Existing somewhere in the spaces between haunting dance music and riveting electro-pop, this intoxicating joint surpasses critic expectations. An ebb and flow of static instrumental tenor blends effortlessly with spellbinding, alternative vocals. Digital chords strike against an inventive rhythm that helps solidify their place in dance music as avant-garde visionaries. Conjuring up sounds that have yet to be surveyed in contemporary EDM, LMBO leaves listeners eager for more via “Netter Bot.” Stay tuned for the highly anticipated LMBO EP.



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Alt-electronic duo LMBO strikes gold with “Still Love U,” the freshman single to their forthcoming debut EP. Embellished with thunderous synths and luxurious melodies, the dynamic offering is layered with electronic complexities. Their distinguished sound is an explorative journey through geometric sound design and evolving transitions. Paying close attention to the acute technicalities of electronic production, “Still Love U” is a wicked, experimental triumph and an incredible inside look at the EP.



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Manipulating an accurately self-proclaimed genre of vibes, LMBO strikes once again with their original track, “Dysphoria.” The twosome carries the burden of collaborating cross-country, while one member hustles in New Orleans, Louisiana and the other is a prominent member of the Michigan music scene. Despite the distance, the duo is equally as formidable as outfits who work closely together. Their latest release is a striking piece- gentle, yet simultaneously brooding and saturated with a fluid rhythm. Gentle melodies complement a breathy, house-oriented cadence that cascade upon crisp, full-bodied vocal chord progressions. This framework of cross-genre fixtures work not only as a musical piece, but a proper work of art. "Dysphoria” is set to be a breakout single for the ever-so-unique LMBO, fossilizing their imprint as one of the most exciting acts to watch this year.