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Two Friends (Eli Sones and Matt Halper) in the green room at the El Rey in Los Angeles. (Photo courtesy of Ian Johnson, IG: @youngianphoto)

Here at Beautiful Buzzz we generally only provide coverage for single tracks. We like to keep it simple. But once in a while we like to offer an inside look into the lives of artists with whom we really love and consider homies. This past weekend we caught up with Two Friends after their show in Los Angeles at the El Rey Theatre. 

James Delaney sings "Emily" with Two Friends. (Photo courtesy of Ian Johnson)

This hard-working yet light-hearted DJ duo has been picking up momentum since they first started putting a slew of remixes and original tracks on SoundCloud 5 years ago. Known for their riotous social media antics, viral remixes of hits like “Mr. Brightside” and “Trap Queen”, SoundCloud chart-topping “Big Bootie Mixes”, and recent original pop-leaning singles like “Out of Love (feat. Cosmos & Creature)”, “Emily (feat. James Delaney)”, and “Just A Kid (feat. Kevin Writer)” the friend pair of Matt Halper and Eli Sones have earned a well-deserved following and respect as one of the foremost rising acts in the scene.

Saturday night, playing to a sold-out crowd at the legendary El Rey Theatre in the heart of LA, I finally got to witness firsthand why these fellas are quickly climbing the ladder of success—they really know how to get the crowd moving. Some young DJ acts today it seems just hit the play button, jump up and down, and run around the stage hyping the crowd, but it’s clear that Two Friends can do that and simultaneously actually DJ—mixing between tracks quickly and seamlessly flowing from throwback classic to Top 40 remix to their original releases, bringing guests like James Delaney and Kevin Writer on stage to perform their features. Two words can be used to sum up the night and all the fun that was had: Dance. Party.

Doing their thing. (Photo courtesy of Ian Johnson)

After the show we decided to ask Eli and Matt some rapid fire questions to find out a little more about them. Enjoy their responses:

BB: Sushi or Ramen?
Eli: Ramen
Matt: sushi

BB: Pizza or Pasta?
Eli: Pasta
Matt: pizza

BB: Tacos or Burritos?
Eli: Tacos
Matt: burritos (why are we even friends eli?)

BB: Favorite spot to get any of the above in LA?
Eli: Tacos at Frida's at the Brentwood Country Mart
Matt: Burritos at Kay N Dave’s

BB: Favorite artist (musical or not) who is pushing creative boundaries?
Eli: Chance The Rapper
Matt: AJR

BB: Favorite guilty pleasure Spotify playlist?
Eli: Disney movie soundtracks, especially Lion King and Hercules
Matt: ^lol. Ummm probably like one of the Coffee House ones

BB: Biggest inspiration(s)?
Eli: Friends and family
Matt: unique songwriters who tell stories well

BB:  Coolest cities you’ve played in so far?
Eli: All the international ones are always surreal- Barcelona might be at the top.
Matt: I might agree for once. 

BB: Dream collaborator?
Eli: Blink-182, I'm stealing your answer Matt.
Matt: Bli... oh uhh let’s go with Ben Gibbard. 

BB: Most embarrassing moment of tour so far?
Eli: Matt addressing the New York City crowd as Chicago accidentally, sorry Matt.
Matt: that was last year bro. I’d say falling off a DJ booth or two

There you have it folks. Catch Two Friends live in a city near you. All show dates can be found here!

Two Friends. (Photo courtesy of Ian Johnson, IG: @youngianphoto)


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Phil Good is back and he is absolutely philling it with this second release! (See what I did there?) In all seriousness though, the Los Angeles singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist came out of the gates incredibly strong with debut single “Sleeping In” which was a frickin’ earworm if I’ve ever heard one. The guy can write hooks! But he’s got the lyrical prowess and production chops to go along with it, which is certainly rare these days. With top-notch future pop production, relatable lyrics, and a killer synth lead, “Growing Up” is a deeper and darker follow up which shows a more emotional side to the emerging artist. He’s in good company too with fellow Working Group Management clients like Cheat Codes, Billie Eilish, and CADE (among others). I for one am extremely eager to hear more of what’s in store for Phil Good.


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My best friend and I are bleeding heart liberals, but from time to time we can get into heated conversations over politics, especially now with President Trump in office. One night not too long ago she called me out after I made a statement about how I believed many of the protests do not change anything, and she asked me what I was actually gonna do if not protest. So, I normally don't post about shows that are not mine, or about politics on Beautiful Buzzz - but this is really something special. I am shocked to learn how many racist, homophobic, non-tolerant, stupid American's there are left out there .... that we were actually capable of electing someone like Trump as our President, and this bigoted womanizer with no political background has the power to put forth in motion the immigration ban last week. What is happening to us? I thank my parents every day, for moving us out of Missouri in the 80's to California, where I was able to grow up learning love and tolerance for all. I'm proud to live in this west coast  bubble, because things like this happen with like minded musicians who live here - the arts will always be for the people and support the people. So, this is me doing my part ... spreading the word about this fundraiser for the ACLU that ZEDD (an immigrant) put together, asking some of his friends to join him. No ego's here kids - we all just want to help! 


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Just gonna say ..... when we see brilliant artists whom we've been talking about forever finally get to play their first US tours, we definitely feel a sense of accomplishment! Especially when they are super buzzy tours from the start! Our sweet friend Bearson will be hitting select US cities for his first shows outside of SXSW, and he's bringing along newcomer and hella anticipated young producer Wheathin.  BOOM! 4 dates, 4 major US markets, 4 nights of greatness! If you are in one of these cities, you cannot miss out!   


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This Thursday night Treasure Fingers and Landis LaPace will be bring that fire at our favorite LA hot spot SOUND! We've been looking forward to this show for a minute! Wanna win a pair for tickets?  Just head over to the Treasure Fingers facebook page and follow the directions on how to enter - and we'll see all your beautiful faces there!  In the meantime - check out this mix by Treasure Finders x Landis LaPace supporting their NIte Trips tour -- it's bananas good! 


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Psyched about this one! The next Take 2 Entertainment show is announced! We are hosting Psycho Disco's next tour -- Nite Trips -- featuring: Treasure Fingers and Landis LaPace.  Come get your dance on with these legends on Thursday January 21 at the best dance club in Hollywood SOUND.  Presale tickets just went on sale, and you can swoop them at! Bananas! 


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I'm like a giddy little school girl over this one kids! Our next Take 2 Entertainment show in Los Angeles is THIS delicious evening with Sam Sparro (DJ), JackLNDN, No Way Back, and Sam Hiller! I mean ... a girl can really get her swoon on with this night filled with funky soulful disco house jams! Tickets are on sale now and you can swoop them HERE! Grab them while they're hot, and I'll see you there! 


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We are teaming up with Fool's Gold Records to throw one hell of a party in Los Angeles - our next Take 2 Ent show is here!! Friday November 6th we're bringing Brenmar, Hoodboi, and PLS&TY for you all to get low.  V Lounge in Santa Monica is the place, and 9pm is the time - and it's all about gettin' dirty on this night - who am I gonna see there? Tickets are on sale now, and you can swoop them HERE