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Last year we had the pleasure of meeting this German duo in Miami at WMC for some pretty rowdy hangs, and ever since we've been keeping a close eye on all of their radiant releases. Today MYNGA drops their first original of 2016 "Share My Dreams" which we are psyched to premiere to the world! MYNGA have such a great disco house groove, always lighting up extreme dance floor vibes drenched in tropical feels's hard not to love everything about this sound! These legends started to make some pretty big waves last year, and we predict nothing but greatness from them in the months to come. You can grab a free download of this track HERE!   


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I had the pleasure of meeting MYNGA at WMC in Miami this year, and we definitely had a blast! From hangs at my chill daytime pool party to a rowdy club show later that night with Carmada and Matoma - it was the most interesting and intoxicating 24 hours I have ever spent in Miami! That night at the club was all bottles and bootays - I hardly remember getting back to my hotel!! Good Times!!  MYNGA happens to be pure fire - and this new remix of "Treasured Soul" is solid proof enough - scorching deep house with tropical vibes - such great feels!  This German duo is getting ready to crush everything!!  You can swoop this remix on iTunes HERE!


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Soundcloud is such a great way to get exposed to new music, and lately we have noticed that our feed is being filled with all sorts of people sharing tracks.  99% of these people who are sharing are actually artists, reposting their label mates, or their homies, or just stuff they are listening to that they found on Soundcloud.  So, we decided to make THE VIBE GUIDE - a weekly installment on Beautiful Buzzz where you can check out what producers, music enthusiast and taste makers want you to hear!  Enjoy!