MusicLindsey OhComment

Ah, what a wonderful week it has been here in Colorado. The air is starting to cool and the once green landscape is now slowly turning into bright yellows, reds, and oranges, to announce that fall is indeed here.  Which leaves us with the perfect time to dig into some new music for the season. Building upon his successful releases “Left You” and “Aquimini”, Maesu is back with his smooth 7 track debut deSerVe EP. After taking some time to go through all of it, I was rather impressed with the body of work, but caught myself playing one track on repeat. “OG” comes as the third track on the EP and man oh man is it good. It features a minimalistic beat with sultry percussion which perfectly compliments Maesu’s voice and allows it to float perfectly atop. With such a exceptional sound and unique style, the future is looking bright for this promising artist.