Music, Original MixAlli LindseyComment

Whether you are wearing all black and producing sick beats in LA, or blogging about indie-EDM from your hometown library- we really are just children. Listenbee's latest single, a collaboration with duo Cosmos & Creature, "Children," brings you back to a time when there was no rent to be paid, and no heart too vulnerable. This optimistic track pulses with a "whispering womp"- electrifying your senses while straying from the hectic. It's vocal energy is a divine combination of future R&B and indie reverb. I'm usually not a fan of the lyrical "la la la" filler, but Children uses this tactic appropriately, perfectly embodying the spirit and soul of a child. It's a beautiful, warming, and dynamic track. Listenbee, while under the alias Goonrock, helped produce the hit "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO. While the radio banger was a 2011 phenomenon, we're happy to see Listenbee making his way to the top of the hierarchy in the underground scene. Explore this cute, resonating tune on Spotify. Major shout out to this 3-fold collaboration for bringing me back to softer times. 


RemixMike DooseComment

So since I’m the writer who hardly ever actually writes, today I felt like I should stop being a lazy POS and share some tunes! My first for today comes in the from of a remix of Australian dance party dons Human Movement with the groovy soulful voicings of Eliot Porter. The remixer is Loosid, who I first found through his remix of San Holo’s incredible smash hit “Light”, and in my opinion it’s one of the best remixes of the track, if not the best. 

“Right Thang” is a bouncey house tune with mad nu-disco vibes. The Human Movement lads killed it on this one which is hella infectious and the kind of track that gets even those friends who don’t really dance to get a little wild on the dancefloor. Loosid introduces hints of bass vibes with some fat chords, deep percussion and a gorgeous soaring lead synth line to spice it up and give it some of that future pop edge. But what makes it one notch better the rest of the 29352701 future bass remixes of house tracks on Soundcloud is those super 80’s drum hits which bring in a little taste of nostalgia and elevate this one to “must listen” status.