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Traversing the vibrant world of nu-disco, pioneer of groove LA Felix casts NYC-based producer LEFTI for this intoxicating remix of his original cut, “Too Many Lies.” Boasting his formidable writing style, LEFTI stitches this flip together with lush guitar plucks, funky synths, and flamboyant chord progressions. A nod to the golden age of disco, this remix breathes a refreshing new life into the boundless stream of this multi-faceted genre. A shimmering cut saturated in glamour, this “Too Many Lies” remix is a polished summertime gem that effortlessly collides with the original track. Pairing well citrus and pastels, this LEFTI flip solidifies his position as a funk aficionado.



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Hailing from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania three-piece ensemble Exmag returns with a swift swagger via their 2-track EP “Glimpses of a Vision.” The electro-funk outfit blends live instrumentation with contemporary disco, breathing life into the revolutionary genre. The EPs first single, “Amável” is a chamber of vibrancy, radiating sensual grooves that are both alluring and invigorating. A formidable horn section works as an anchor for sexy, lush synths to flow with ease. This palpable, funky joint is carefully layered, textured with a jazzy resonance. This immersive lead single lays the foundation for the second track, “In This” featuring rising rapper Ehiorobo. Both tracks are an audible parallel to the EPs artwork- bold, abstract, and inspiring. Ease yourself into the wonderful world of Exmag with “Amável” and lean into the brief, yet enthralling offering that is “Glimpses of a Vision.”



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Well .... look at this .... I am beyond thrilled to announce this next show.  For years we've been wild about this young man right here ... his funky disco dance vibes are pretty much the best thing in life. Now, we're bringing Touch Sensitive back to the bay to debut his LIVE set on June 22 at Mezzanine! Not only is this going to be the greatest dance party of the year, it's also kicking off Pride Weekend .... so grab your rainbow flags and disco balls and come out for the time of your lives!  Tickets go on sale this Friday April 6 at 10am! Don't sleep on this! 



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Flight Facilities is now boarding for a fantastic 2018 .... better get a seat because missing this trip would be a shame! Our Aussie boys are gearing up for a wild ride, and their latest single is packed full of all that indie dance disco love we've come to expect .... with sensual vocals and funky dance grooves, "Need You ft. NÏKA" is everything! We'll be seeing our boys back in the states later in the year .... and maybe they'll be stopping by one of our events .... maybe! 



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From meme to fame, who knew our Aussie friends Bag Raiders would have such an impact on the interwebs with their hit "Shooting Stars." Everyone from grade school kids to your grandma knows this tune, and to celebrate they are doing a Shooting Stars US Tour! Legends! We have a few extra spots on their guest list for the San Francisco show this Friday night (June 09) at The Regency Ballroom that we would love to share with you!  All you have to do is head over to the Beautiful Buzzz Facebook page , like us, find the photo below, and share the post or tag 3 of your friends! We will chose a winner on Friday by 3pm! 


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Whenever Touch Sensitive releases a new track - you know it's going to be a party! The love I have for this brilliant musician is unlike no other - he is part of a very small group of disco legends that inspired me to start all this Beautiful Buzzz madness, and even tho we are amazing friends, I still nerd out over his fresh jams. His new track drops with the announcement of a US tour, which is very exciting considering it's been almost 2 years since his last time over here! "Lay Down" - out now via Future Classic - is everything we love about Touch Sensitive - a funky disco electro gem with that deep 4 on the floor groove and all the booty shaking vibes .... no one does it like Touch! Peep his tour dates HERE and you can stream/download this bad boy HERE!


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Do you guys even know about a Viceroy party? Every time I head to see him play, weather it's my show or not, I spend the day prepping for what I am about to put my body through! The sultan of summer knows how to have a good time better than anyone I know - with his level ten fun vibes, crazy antics, and booty shaking tunes - I usually end up spending the next day recovering in bed! Viceroy just put out his new Just Marinate EP with two new tracks that are showing us his deep house side, and both "Marinate ft. Wilki" and "Illuminate ft. Anjulie" are delicious dance floor jams with major flames. Next weekend Viceroy kicks off his LIVE winter US tour, and I highly recommend getting out to a show! Check out tour dates below  and swoop tickets HERE!  


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Not sure about the rest of you - but your girl is freezing! It seems we are all suffering this winter! It's hella cold everywhere! My SoCal blood is turning to ice in San Francisco, so I've been trying to find the most fire tracks this week to guarantee some steamy dance floor vibes, and this one is topping the list. Part of that delicious Disruptor Records crew, Canadian songstress Jocelyn Alice is crushing with this fabulous dance pop track "Feels Right" - and this is a huge remix from Galloway. I instantly wish it was not 7am so I could blast this at top volume and have my own little dance party, open up my balcony doors and let the music spill out into downtown San Francisco and bounce off the buildings from my 16th floor apartment. So fun! Get into this one kids! 


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If you just take a look at the side bar on the right - you will see whe have quite a few pretty great parties coming up in the next few months! This time of year is always bananas - and any way I can make a show pop off harder the better! That's exactly what's happening on NOV 19 in San Francisco because we've just added Bixel Boys to our SNBRN show - so better hold onto your hats ... this night is going to be insane! The LA duo just put out this siiick deep house remix of "Sweat" by Karma Fields that is 100% dance floor fire! I cannot wait for this night - tickets are still available and you can swoop them below! Let's rage!