Oom Zigga


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Our favorite sunny duo Papa Ya is back with a new original that's an absolute trip! The boys have constructed a fun, definitely pop leaning record "Oom Zigga" that's pretty much onomatopoeia-land. To be honest when I first heard it I was a little taken aback with the in-your-face unapologetic and borderline cheesy tribal nature of the tune, but upon second listen I couldn't help but smile and laugh. Look if you take music too seriously then this might not be the record for you, but if you know the guys (Alex and Nate), and their previous releases then you can fully appreciate how silly and perfect this song is. First of all they're called Papa Ya which I think inherently implies a little jungle-istic nature to it, and the guys are simply hamming it up. The production is really well done, and the verses from Malcolm Anthony add a cool factor fully legitimizing the tune. Have a laugh, drink a piña colada and turn up the Papa Ya! 

Oom Zigga.png